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In the near future, I need to undergo a right superficial parotidectomy to have a benign tumor removed. I realize that this procedure will need to be done under general anesthesia, but I am wondering if it is possible to not have pre-medication administered prior to my being brought to the OR. I also was wondering if it's possible for the anesthesia for the procedure (both its induction and maintenance) to be performed without the use of any benzodiazepines, including midazolam. Any info would be helpful, thanks.

You absolutely can have the anesthetic without the pre-medication or Versed for the procedure by just telling your anesthesiologist that you don't want it. I don't recommend that but many people don't seem to like the amnestic effects of these drugs. Personally, I have had surgery and, aside from relieving the anxiety of the OR and the experience, the amnestic effects were welcome. You basically don't remember your time in the OR but you generally can recall everything else. I never understood why people want to be anxious, etc. but to each his own. When you see your anesthesiologist on the morning of surgery, just tell them you don't want Versed and they will be happy to comply.

Ronald Levy, MD
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