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After being on a steroid treatment for a few days to attempt to resolve irritated meninges (per my neurologist), he has now recommended that I have another blood patch.
Before I go in for another blood patch, I have a couple of questions: Can low CSF cause tingling in the fingers and toes? Also, can low CSF cause lethargy and extreme tiredness? My other symptoms have included dizziness with nausea and a general foggy-headedness as if my head is in a bubble similar to a bad sinus infection.
Due to the extreme back pain from the last EBP, I am reluctant on having the EBP again, but if it will remedy the issues I've had over the past 5 weeks, I'll get it for sure!
Lastly, I'm assuming these symptoms aren't infection related, as they have presented for 5 weeks. - Thoughts?
THANK YOU! I greatly appreciate your expertise in this area! It's great that you are willing to volunteer your time for the All Experts site!

The typical symptoms that you should have if you have low pressure in the CSF is a headache when up right that is relieved when lying flat. I foggy headedness feeling dizzy tired low-energy are all very nonspecific symptoms. They do not point to any one particular diagnosis.I don't believe that an epidural blood patch will solve your problems.however, in medicine there are no guarantees and therefore, it is not unreasonable to proceed understanding that the chances of complete resolution coming from an EBP is small.
I suspect that in your case a physician should take a very careful history and do a very careful physical exam and attempt to look at other sources for a diagnosis.
I do want to note that if a radiologist is told to rule out intracranial hypotension that this can be seen on an MRI, but the radiologist must be looking for this diagnosis in particular when reading the MRI.
I wish you the best of luck. I hope that whatever you choose to do that you do not experience any more side effects from treatments,


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