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Anesthesiology/Epidural side effects following baby delivery


Dear  Dr. Russell,  I was scheduled for a c-section.  The first anesthesiologist  tried 4times to get  me numb with no results. At that point I asked to take a break. I asked for someone else and the second anesthesiologist also failed to get me numb. During this entire  process I was stabbed 8 times and at times I felt pain shooting down the right three times and then down the middle twice.  Three times they said they got it and lay me flat to begin the c-section.  Unfortunately, I never went numb.  My ob/gyn who was in the room didn't say a word .  I seriously began to doubt my team and I finally said this baby needs to be delivered another way because I can't take anymore attempts on my spine.  My baby was delivered under general anesthesia.  I awoke to excruciating pain. The next 4days in the hospital were absolutely awful due to pain, nausea and had the worst headache (not spinal headache though).  I was discharged and told to take 400mg Motrin and alternate with Tylenol. That night I had excruciating back pain specifically at the site of the epidural and to its immediate right (worse than what I had experienced in the hospital) and called my doctor's emergency line.   My ob/gyn office increased my Motrin to 800mg and alternate with tyneol with codeine. I am still on that 2 months later.  I am unable to take care of my babies without help. I can not breast feed because I can't sit. I cannot stand for long periods of time.   Does my experience sound normal to you? Do you think there was some negligence? Do you think I will ever recover-if yes then how long will it take?

your experience is certainly not normal.  HOwever, proving and claiming negligence is a uphill battle.  Part of the problem, is that we live in a healthcare scenario where patients do not pick their anesthesiologists, they pick their ob's or surgeons who then use whoever is convenient for them for the anesthesia portion.  I suspect that with time your pain will improve, but it could take some time (i.e. 6 months to 1 year possibly).  I would consider seeing a specialist in pain however, in the mean time to determine motrin is the best choice for long term pain.  Any pain that lasts greater than 2 months is considered chronic pain and is best managed by a specialist in pain medicine.

I am sorry to hear about your experience.

Dr Russell


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