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I had reconstruction of my ligaments in my right knee following an accident. The anesthesiologist used a nerve block.  A graft was taken from my hamstring to do the repairs.  My surgery was June of 2014.  After the block wore off I found myself experiencing extreme nerve pain. (It felt like I had thousands of ants biting the inner half of my shin.  At time the pain would subside and then "fire back up" again even without touching the area.  Touching or pressure to the area still causes pain and it is now March 2015.  Besides the nerve pain I have been experiencing a rash "patch" about 2 1/2 inches in diameter.  The rash started a about 2 weeks after the surgery and has never gone away.  Why am I STILL having this nerve pain, numbness to the lower inner section of my leg AND this rash that won't go away?  Is it from the Nerve Block and what can I do?  One last bit of med history for me is I have Lupu, Rhumatoid Arthhritis and Raynaud's Syndrome.

without knowing what kind of nerve block or the details of it I really can't answer if this is related to the nerve block or the surgery. Whichever it is, the symptoms are real and should be evaluated. I would suggest making an appointment with the anesthesiology department, the surgeon and/or a neurologist to figure out the cause and more importantly the treatment.

Ronald Levy, MD
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