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Hi about a month about I used a spray containing 7.5% benzocaine since then I've got a loss of sensation in the area it was used as if it has not properly worn off is it possible the spray could of done some damage or that it has caused this I'm worried I'm stuck with this. I appreciate any advice you can give thank you

Hi there

I am sorry you are having this issues.

Benzocaine is a topical ester anesthetic which when applied to the mouth or mucous membranes has been found to be a cause of methemoglobinemia, a disorder in which the amount of oxygen carried by the blood is greatly reduced. It odes not sound like you are having this issue.

It would be unusual for there to be permanent damage to your sensation (nerves) from the application of benzocaine though it should not last more than a few hours after any application. If it has been quite some time i would consider following up with your primary care provider to check it for you.

Im sorry this isnt a definitive answer but after a search i could not find any reports of permanent nerve damage from topical benzocaine.  


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