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Dear Rex

If Universal Donor O Blood and Universal Acceptor AB Blood are mixed together, Can it create both a Universal Donor as well as Universal Acceptor Blood type?

If no, what are the Biological reasons?


I don't know if I completely understand your question.  However, the answer is no.

universal donor blood, is universal because it contains no 'antigens' and therefore will not cause a reaction if given to a patient with antibodies against these antigens (type A and type B).  If you put type AB blood WITH type O, you would introduce antigens making it not acceptable anymore to someone of type O blood type.  Type AB blood can not be given to anyone other than those with Type AB blood.  You cannot "create" a universal acceptor unless you drain the person of ALL blood, and remove ALL antibodies from that person and then transfuse them with AB blood.  Not possible or feasible in real world application.  


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