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Anesthesiology/cut/swollen lip after anesthesia


Steph wrote at 2011-07-29 04:42:31
Just to add... I have this same problem after anesthesia.. how long did it take your lip to heal? I've been taking antiinflamatories and icing it, it's been just over 24 hours and it's only slightly gone down, do you know of anything else I can do?

swollen lip wrote at 2012-05-26 13:54:29
I recently had a similar experience(swollen upper lip, cut, bruise inside) after bone marrow biopsy(taken from pelvic girdle in the back)at a German hospital.  The surgery required that I lie face down.    The operating surgeon insisted that the anesthesit come to me, explain what happened and apologize, which she did. The anesthesist's explanation was that the mouthpiece inserted into my mouth to protect the trachea tube pushed against my upper lip causing the swelling and discomfort. My surgeon explained to me that the surgery time was only 20 minutes.  

The anesthesist also declared that this occurrence had never happened to her before. However, I wasn't that comforted before "going under" when I heard her ask

an attendant which of my arms should be hooked up to the i.v. drip(Shouldn't she have clarified that beforehand?).  I became even more uncomfortable when she was unable to insert the needle into my vein.

One day before the operation, I had to undergo an EKG and give blood.

A nursing student had to stick me three times, and her colleague three times until they hit the right spot! This colleague then stated, "Black folk have tougher skins and tougher veins, so we must prick harder!" ((What's up with that!??)

The anesthesist had to prick me twice!  So now, I am at home, reuperating(at least the surgeon seems to have done a good job),I am drinking through a straw, eating tenderly, waiting for the swelling to go down, and hoping the results are neutral, so I don't have to "go under" anymore. And, I am seriously thinking about taking a preliminary nursing course so I can learn how to prick my own vein with a needle or at least show the folk how to do it.


For those of you who must undergo operations face down, make sure to address the issue with the mouthpiece attachment and also confirm which medicines you are allergic to.

KimP wrote at 2012-05-28 03:51:05
Hi! I recently had an operation on my hand ( I had some cysts removed) and while under anestethic I too seem to have bitten my lip. As I regained consciousness, the pain in my lip was the first thing I noticed, and not the pain in my hand. When I questioned the nurse as to why my lip was sore she stated that I must have been allergic to the tape which they put on my face to hold the tube in place. I had to clarify that the pain was on the inside of my lip and i surmised I must have bitten it. She merely shrugged at me! ha! Im not upset as it was an accident, but some answers would have been nice. And its not easy to ask questions while regaining consciousness, its hard enough to get your bearings!

Annie M wrote at 2014-12-09 22:24:38
I just had surgery too Ann yeaterday and I woke up with a huge sore on the inside of my bottom lip. I must have bit it hard because a part of my lower lip is numb. No one would give me any answers when I asked the post op nurses. They kind of dismissed it. Now I'm wondering if I will regain feeling in that area again. Freaks me out they could be so careless. Not sure what to do at this point but I am very upset about it. :-(  


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