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I am new to the church but have been called with such an intense force and truly have changed my whole life around within the last little bit. I am a unwed mother with four kids.
I have bin meeting and conversing alot with my father and i feel deeply connected with him.. Ive even thought that maybe Gods plan for me was to meet my father and not only find him but also the Person im to be with. So my question is our Dating even a possiblity or not at all..?

In The Episcopal Church, it is a firm policy that a priest cannot date a parishioner in his/her parish.  It is a rule that is intended legally to prevent charges of sexual harassment, and practically it is a wise rule to prevent gossip, jealousy and dissension within the parish.  If you feel that the attraction might be mutual, and are comfortable with discussing your feelings with your priest, you should be prepared to quit the parish and attend church elsewhere.  So, I am not saying that a relationship with a member of the clergy is impossible, but to prevent misunderstanding (and to obey the rules of the Church), it would mean that you would have to find another church home in order to pursue the relationship.  If you are willing to make that sacrifice, and you find that the feelings of attraction are mutual, there is no reason why you cannot pursue a relationship.  But do speak to your priest as you would speak to anyone else to whom you might be attracted, and if your priest is the kind of person you believe him to be, he will value your feelings and give you an honest response.  Blessings and Peace, John


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