Hi, I would like to ask about the Soul in Genesis, where it says that God breathed into Adams nostrils and he became a Soul, he did not have a Soul before that. Why is it that some people say that the soul is immortal and it existed before birth, it does not die.. The Soul that sins, it shall die. How can that be if people say it is immortal?

There's no consistent understanding of distinctions in the Bible between soul, spirit and life. So the soul in "the soul that sins" can't be distinguished from the person who sins, but something (which sometimes can be called soul, sometimes spirit) may continue beyond physical death. That has not stopped theologians over the centuries trying to pin the ideas down, so that, as one example, the Roman Church may consider the moment of "ensoulment" to be important in debates about abortion or in the doctrine of Mary's immaculate conception.

Most Anglicans would be fairly agnostic about whether there is any entity, the soul, that can be distinguished from the whole person - God breathed into Adam and he came alive would be a satisfactory translation but most modern translators have that Adam became "a living being".


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