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Did Jesus Christ ever say he was doing Gods work?

First, we should be very clear about what we're asking. Jesus is God; that is his being. So anything that Jesus does is "God's work." But I think you may be asking if Jesus ever claimed to do the work of the Father. The answer is: Yes...many times.

When he was found in the Temple as a boy, he said that he must be about his Father's work (Luke 2:49). The rest of the references come in the Gospel of John where he explicitly says that he is doing the Father's work or that he only does what the Father tells him / gives him to do. I especially recommend John 4:34; John 5 (the whole chapter, but esp. vv. 16-20 & 36-43); John 9 & 10 as well.

For quick reference, go to this site which will list the places where Jesus talks about work in John.


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