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dear Rev,

i am a youth worker in the Anglican church of in Vanuatu south west pacific,my question is not really on any biblical subject, but i guess its more on seeking information on how to develop a manual on youth program.

this manual should feature three major areas; spiritual, social and lively hood(finances). activity materials should then be developed under these headings.

topics to cover under spiritual programs:
-exploring God's plan for one's life.
-pursuing God's plan in one's life
-case study on how God chose kids in the bible to be great leaders.
-importance/purpose of a family unit as the oldest institution God created.
-how to be a God fearing Youth.
-transition from teen to adulthood.
-other relevant topics would be appreciated.

-biblical perspective on
*climate change.
*high social problems
*rights vs obedience to God's word.
*substance abuse  other forms of abuses.
*developing healthy girl/boy relationship& others.

lively hood.
-how to be prosperous.
-tithing  giving.
-stewardship  other relevant topics.

i hope you understand what i am getting at. what i have presented here is the picture of what i intend to establish which to my view will be a huge blessing for my youth ministry.

my apologies, if the nature of what i have posted here is out of your area of responsibility, but it is my prayer that you can at least give me some pointers on where to go to with  this.

should there be any further questions on this please do let me know.

Peace & blessings,


Hello Smith,

I see what you are trying to do and wish you well. I like the structure. I would suggest that for livelihood you might consider adding something for helping other achieve success. For each topic I suppose it would be good to start with a short quotation from Scripture, and a brief account of what the Bible tells us on each issue. Then you could have an example of what it might mean for an individual (someone like your target audience), and then a guided section to be completed by your participants, with open and closed questions, sections to fill in etc.

I hope that this is of some assistance.


Noel Cox


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