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Animal Rights/my dog was attacked by a pitbull


Europa wrote at 2009-04-21 22:54:51
I completely agree with that answer.  Even if you go to the dog park, which is meant to have your dog unleashed, you keep your dog on the leash until you and your dog get a feel for the others within the pen.  If you see any aggression in another dog then you should leave and come back later.  Any other dog, Great Dane, Boxer, German Shepherd ext could have done the same thing in the same situation.  Dogs when leashed have a different mentality and feel they need to protect their owners and themselves.  I am a pit bull owner and he has never attacked any other dog at the park or any human but we also did it the right way.  I am very cautious with him, he is not aggressive but he can do more damage than most dogs considering the way the pit bull is built physically.  Unfortunately you are at fault for letting your dog off the leash in an unsure environment.  Never the less, I am sorry about your dog.  I know that they are more then pets but are a part of the family.

shavonne wrote at 2009-05-02 16:55:12
Okay,, I'm sooo sick of people like you who r just out to get the world. you were the cause to this problem and i think you deserve to get your dog taken away because he was not on a leash.

the other owner was smart and kept his dog tied up. this was in no way the pitbulls fault. So why don't you stop insisting on getting the poor dog taken away from its home.

Shaz wrote at 2009-06-05 16:24:21
I agree...owners make the mistake of assuming that their dog will be loved by all other dogs....unfortunately if you take the risk of leaving your animal off their leash, you must suffer the consequences.  Why should the owner or the owners dog be punished for your irresponsible behavior. This is what gives  these animals a bad name.  I have four and  love them dearly as they love others dearly.

EmmaLee wrote at 2009-06-12 01:47:32
Also, please note that if you were not responsible enough to keep your dog leashed it is most likely the case that you are not aware of proper dog body language.  It is common for people to blame larger dogs when a fight happens, but I can testify that 90 of the incidences that I have seen are generally a case of the attacked dog instigating.  I'm sorry to hear about your dog, please be more responsible.

Franki wrote at 2009-06-27 00:39:33
Well maybe if your dog was on a leash that would have never happened. You should be smart next time. You make your sound like a victim but infact your the problem. Your dog suffered because of your irresponsability to put a leash on your dog. You should blame yourself not the other dog.

Jess wrote at 2009-07-12 18:25:01
There is nothing you can do. This is not the pitbull owners fault. This is your fault. The pitbull was protecting it's owner most likely when your dog went running at them. You should of had your dog leashed, so the bills are your responsibility. And the pitbull does not need to be taken away, or killed because it did absolutely nothing wrong, besides protecting it's owner from what it thought was danger.

jeremiah wrote at 2009-07-19 23:14:36
im sorry that that happened to your dog but the owner nor the pitbull can be held responsible you were neglegent not having your dog on a leash you cannot blame a dog for being a dog

momokat14 wrote at 2009-07-26 14:51:10
I own two pit bulls and they are the best thing that happened to me. I hope that even though this happened, you do not hold it against all pit bulls. Pit bulls are known to have a very strong small animal instinct to get it and attack it. As a lot of breeds do also. If you do not train your dog to (no matter what kind) to except all things as they are then something like this will always happen. I am very sorry about your dog. My girls (both pits) are not aggressive towards anything. They let my cats beat them up. And they found a frog the other day and just sat there whining at it until I picked it up and showed them it was ok, that it was just a frog. I think very strongly that people with dog aggressive, people aggressive and if generally aggressive animals should keep them in the house or have them put down. My grandfather is an ex cop and has a German Shepard. He just shelled out well over 1000 dollars because his dog was not trained to be friendly with smaller dogs. The dog was not in that bad of shape and honestly if my girls did this. They wouldn't go out of the house and that would wear a muzzle plus I would pay for all the damages. I am sorry that it happened and I wish your puppy all the best.

Pit Advocate wrote at 2009-08-08 13:55:20
I hate people like you. Who are so quick to point your finger at the Pit, and say, it attacked my dog....Your dog was off the leash, your lucky to not have been given a ticket your self, your dog started the fight by charging the pit on the leash. Its in no way the Pit or its owners fault. Go F your self.

madi wrote at 2009-08-12 15:04:34
Well it was your fault yours was off leash but it also wasnt the pits fault somebody made him that way

bullybabe wrote at 2009-08-18 21:02:22
The funniest thing about this situation is you think its the pitbulls fault. I cant believe you think your NOT responsible for your dog getting attacked. Any dog who runs up on another and is not on a leash is at risk of being attacked. Pitbulls only attack if antagonised. It makes me so sad that people like you who are unresponsible dog owners ruin it for people like me who own pitbulls. Im glad the police told you they cant do anything. If you cared about your dog you would of had it on a leash in the first place!

Alyssa wrote at 2009-08-23 19:51:34
unfortunately animals are not like human beings they don't just interact nicely domesticated or not an animal still is a wild animal.

Pit-Lover wrote at 2009-09-05 21:10:01
Don't blame the Pitbull at all! Your dog was off the leash and ran to the Pitbull and as any dog would do it was protecting its territory. I am sorry that your dog had to go throw that but their shouldn't be any punishment to the dog or owner.

vince wrote at 2009-11-08 12:54:39
Try keeping your dog on a leash.  that pitt was on a leash and your dog approached him.  Why should he have to pay for your neglegance

Bino wrote at 2009-11-08 17:54:36
For all the people saying, that he deserved what he gets, remember that his dog is the one that is attacked and is the victim off the way his boss acted.  

i<3mypit wrote at 2009-11-23 13:25:43
yea you are in the wrong not them. its not theyre fault you let your dog of leash not all dogs are friendly with other dogs so you shouldve been more responsible.

sir extreme wrote at 2009-11-29 05:02:22
I love all of who are standing up for the pitbull.There is just too many people out there that think the pitbull is a killer but the way the pitbull is raised is if it will be mean or not.

Danny11 wrote at 2009-12-01 23:41:11
Well you cant do anything about it because it specifically says that if your going to walk your dog at a park, it has to have a leash. The other owner had his dog on a leash. He was responsible unlike you. It's not the pitbull's fault.

pit_lover wrote at 2009-12-02 20:24:41
yeah your dog was off the leash and shouldnt have ran over to where the leashed pitbull was. the owner of the pitbull was/is responsible for his dog. you how ever were not. I think you got justice. just cause your dog is little DOES NOT mean he can be off a leash. Your little yippie dog can be just as mean as that pitbull that attacted cause your dog got in his personal space.  

Geer wrote at 2009-12-10 20:17:23
Yes, you got your dog loose and want to bring a suit against the pitbull owner? nonsense ! I pity your dog, pitbulls are great dogs, but most of them are agressive against other animals when NOT brought up properly. Anyway, blame only yourself !

pitowner wrote at 2009-12-15 05:01:51
It is nice to see so many people that understand that you can't just let your dog walk up to any other dog and expect them to just play nice.

B wrote at 2009-12-20 22:56:59
It is very heartless that you want the innocent people to lose their animal, your dog was the one that ran at the pittbull! If you know about animals you would know that it's first instinct was to protect its owner as well as its self. Your dog may not have been running at the pitbull to attack however it isnt anyones fault but your own for letting your dog run up to the dog!

lovemypit wrote at 2009-12-28 05:18:18
why would you even think of asking that you should know pit bulls are a very protective dog i own one and i know if a strange dog came running up to him he would freak out maybe you should have been more responsible and taken care of your animal by thinking of its safety and had it on a leash. so the owner of the  pit bull shouldn't have to do anything because it was your fault

Briony Dodd wrote at 2010-01-30 21:42:45
Your dog should have been on a leash , that is all your fault not the pitbull's. It would have happened regardless of wether the other dog was a pitbull or not. Your dog was most probably parading round the other dog for it to want to attack.

brii wrote at 2010-02-02 15:50:18
I agree

Keep your dog controlled

Most dogs are taught to protect their owners if a dog comes running at them their going to be defensive take control and responsibility for this situation cause you were the one in the wrong. I own a pit bull and she never gets aggressive unless she thinks I'm in danger and almost any dog will protect their owner in the right time.

Cass wrote at 2010-02-05 19:45:24
I agree with the answer, your dog was off the leash, the other one was on the lease and this could have been to prevent such a thing from happening. You were at fault, the other owner was doing what they should.

Samantha wrote at 2010-02-10 23:45:16
i dont understand as a dog owner.....i own small dogs and pitbulls and i do not understand how you would want the responsible owners dog to be put to sleep or punished for your dogs mistake... your dog is alive... be thankful for that, realize your dog ran up on the pitty whose natural reaction is to protect his family... dogs have manners and you've never taken the time to teach your dog theirs...that is your responsibilty.

josh wrote at 2010-02-13 15:45:54
i own a pitbull myself and that type of dog is for protection if your dog came at me and my dog leashed he is going to protect me.  That is why people buy those dogs but how unfortunate for your dog i hope your dog heals well and gets better and god bless

IronSlave wrote at 2010-02-15 08:47:34
^Very True^  I would like to add that your dog running up to another dog (pitbull or not) the other dog can view this as a threat being territorial is animal instincts. Just because it was a pitbull the situation raises questions any other breed of dog and this would have been looked upon differently.

WYNAND wrote at 2010-02-18 15:14:16

pitbullowner wrote at 2010-02-25 06:47:31
It is a shame that happened but you should not have let your dog off the leash.The pitbull is not at falt he was in his territory and your dog invaded his space.I feel bad for your dog,and I hope it gets better.In this case you should learn from this mistake,and don't buy into the pitbull bias that the media has everyone believe,they are protective like any other breed.

jay wrote at 2010-03-10 23:32:21
that is why you keep you own dog on a leash. the leash is for your dogs protection too not just other people.

Jack wrote at 2010-03-15 08:58:35
why should he have his dog taken away? you were the one who irresponsibly had your dog off your leash, you were the one who didn't train your dog not to run off. The pit was defending itself and its owner. You need to have your dog taken away until you learn how to be a better dog owner.

Scully wrote at 2010-04-06 07:56:16
interesting as I had the same experience last night. I was walking my two dogs on lead along a path, when another dog (off lead) launched itself from the step of someone residence, flew across the path and leapt on top of my dog, whom defended himself. the owner of the other dog finally came running to collect his dog, after it started yelping, muttering abuse at me for having an aggressive dog. I tried to explain to him that his dog was the aggressor but he was very dismissive. Fortunately both dog had only their prides injured (I think).......what breeds I hear you ask, I own (very sociable) Rottweilers, the aggressor was a labrador of about equal size but fatter to the dog he picked on!

I can only assume the other dog owner did not see what his dog had done (not likely) or just, inaccurately, assumed his dog was "being friendly" and the owner judged my dog for being a rottweiler. for a start there was NOTHING friendly in this dog's manner ( I study and lecture on K9 Body Language) but secondly no matter HOW friendly an owner thinks their dog is attempting to be, think of it from this point of view.......if a perfect stranger came flying at you, flinging their arms up and you had no means of escape, wouldn't your natural instinct be to lash out to defend/protect yourself? Finally, just remember you are capable of rational thought, dogs are not!

Jim wrote at 2010-04-23 19:47:53
Sorry lady but this is a simple reality check, you failed to be responsible with your dog.  It doesn't really matter what dog it is, if your dog quickly ran up to the leashed dog, then the leashed dog is defending itself, regardless of how small your dog is.

It's rather ignorant to try to punish someone else for your lack of responsibility, and the simple fact is YOU could've prevented this, and although reality and honest sucks, it's your fault your dog's tail got bitten off.  Learn to leash your dog next time.

t wrote at 2010-04-26 10:13:28
know what my answer is its ur fault no1 elses watch ur dog in future. cunts lyk u get dogs lyk myn put down for defendn demsleves.

Liz wrote at 2010-06-25 16:32:30
There is nothing that you could. I am sorry for what happened to you're god, but it was you're fault. The pitbull is just being an animal following his instincts, and he did. You're dog should have been on a leash!

ace wrote at 2010-07-24 20:46:28
Your dog was off leash. Theirs was on leash. Be a responsible dog owner and leash your dog. If you had, this incident wouldn't have happened. You are at fault here, and the pitbulls owners owe you nothing.

t.m wrote at 2010-07-29 06:08:57
you should have controlled your two dogs and im not saying its all your fault but you should have had them on the leat

Love all dogs wrote at 2010-08-06 02:59:55
The answer above is right. It is very unfortunate that your dog was bit but you are responsible for this as you should have kept your dog on a leash.  The owner of the pit did...I'm sorry that your dog was bit

Dronatar wrote at 2010-08-12 10:18:10
Indeed, it is your fault. And I'm sure that everyone has more than covered why. But you see, I had a staff, and the dog aggression isn't due only to upbringing. My dog, (whom passed away recently due to a brain tumor) was playing fetch, being fine with other dogs he just ignored them and went after the ball. Bearing in mind these are dogs he was usually walked with and knew. But one of the other dogs went for the ball, and collided with him. After that, he didn't like other dogs period.

My point is that whether the dog is a small dog, or big dog there are factors other than upbringing.

However most dogbites on humans are from upbringing, people teach their dog that it is bad to growl. When growling is the dogs natural way of warning you that it's not happy. If you take away the warning... Well, people seem to get 'viciously attacked for no reason'. People don't know everything about the body language or behavior of dogs, there's a lot more behind them than people think. I mean, when you see someone swagger over to you walking in such a way that you know they're about to cause trouble, you instantly become on edge. Even more so if this individual approaches you, dogs speak mostly in body language. We don't actively notice their body language, but with correct information so much of these scrapes and bites could be avoided. It's very rare you get a dog that wants to hurt things just for the sake of it and taking into account that fighting isn't the way to survive longer instinctively.

pits_fever wrote at 2010-08-14 09:16:31
Your at fault here not the pitbull's owner or the pit!!! I have bred and raised pits for 6 years and have never had a problem with any of them not even with other dogs!! Your dog was a threat to him in his eyes. What would you do if someone you did not came charging at you?? You cant just let your dog off the leash and expect them just to get along with others dogs. Some dogs just don't like other dogs NOT JUST PITS!!! I had a yorkie attack one of my pits!! And all he wanted to do was play. My kids have been raised around pits their whole life and wouldn't know what to do if they didn't have one!! You need to take dog training class not your dog!! That is just dumb that you think that, that pit and owner need to pay for your F up!!! and Next time you walk your door with your dog remember the leash and if you don't have one their like 5 dollars at Wal*Mart!! DON'T BE DUMB TRAIN YOUR DOG!!!!!

proud pit owner wrote at 2010-09-05 03:29:52
i agree its not the pit or the owners fault it yours bc u didnt have your dog on a leash i have raised many pits i love the breed they are misunderstood and your not helping the breed any dog would have done the same thing bc it felt threatened. i dont agree with breeding pits bc they are used for fighting mine had 2 liters nd i made everyone who got a pit from me sign a contract saying that if at any time the dog is abused used for fighting or not treated properly i had all right to take my dog back i made them check with me once a month for 2 months and i had them neutered to stop breeding bc most pits end up in shelters and pits are the most killed bc there are so many coming in plus the illegal dog fights. im tired of discrimination on 1 breed im trying to make it my job to help the breed all im saying is dont be retarded and to keep your dog on a leash bc then the other do wouldnt have felt threatened and wouldnt have defended its self

PITBULL OWNER wrote at 2010-10-07 01:50:01

chloe wrote at 2010-10-11 02:16:04
your dog should of been on a leash. its your fault for not stopping you dog from going to the pitbull.

tommypit wrote at 2010-10-13 00:15:25
It wasn't the pitbulls fault, it was your fault. If anyone should get there dog taken away, it should be you for not being a responsible owner.  

Jack MeOff wrote at 2010-10-14 23:44:53
While this is a very unfortunate thing to happen, there really isn't anything you can do as your dog was off the leash while the other dog was on it. Your dog should have been on a leash, because if he was the problem would not have occured. The other owner was responsible by keeping their dog on the leash. You weren't.

Or u can go kill his dog.

kope77 wrote at 2010-11-20 10:36:54
I think you can't get anythin because your dog was unleaseh and the pitbull vasn't, so onely way you might get something is ask nisely

Brian-n-Heather wrote at 2010-11-26 14:29:01
I realize the posting was 2yrs ago, but what you were asking was so ridiculous, I have to say something. This was YOUR fault, and the fact that it was a pitbull has absolutely NO bearing on this issue WHAT-SO-EVER!! If anything, YOU should be required to pay for the trauma that you willingly allowed your dog to inflict on the Pitty and its owner. HOW IN THE WORLD could you possibly think that the OTHER owner was at fault here?!?! I'm sorry, but your ignorance in the issue is astounding. You can bet if you had let your dog attack mine... I would have taken whatever steps I legally could to bring charges against you AND have you're dog taken out of your irresponsible hands.  

Static Shock wrote at 2010-11-30 18:14:23
IM SORRY but no because your dog ran over to his dog while he was leashed as you said so basically your at fault... you should have kept you dog leashed because pit-bull are very territorial animals and they don't like being taken out of the "spot light"

kojo wrote at 2010-12-09 09:08:33
sorry about your dog but irresponsibility has its price, for all we know your dog might have attacked the other guy's dog first and it reacted in defense. also its not because it is a pitbull, it could have been any other breed and the same thing would have happened. accept your mistake and learn from it. learn the proper ways to handle your dog in public places. a dog is a dog and it will behave like one unless you take charge. do the right thing

jazzy94 wrote at 2011-02-23 21:42:19
if you contact the rspca the dog owners can get forced into taking there dog to anger management for dogs. xx

pittmommy wrote at 2011-02-24 01:14:56
Hell no there is no way to get their dog taken away!their dog wasn't in the wrong.thier dog was leashed your dog was the one running should have had your dog on a leash too,these people where not in the wrong in anyway.I'm really sorry for what happened to your dog but everyone has to fallow the rules.i'm sure that pittbull didn't just attack your dog for no reason.our family raises pittbulls and and they are the most amazing loyal dog there is.they always have a reason for everything they do.but I really hope your dog is doing better.

PITBULLPROTECTIONPROGRAMUSA wrote at 2011-02-24 19:45:18
You are very lucky the Pitbull owner did not decide to take legal action against you.Your dog was in the wrong,and perhaps a reason any other dog is on a leash. You needto control your own animal and learn to take and be more responsible for your own actions and your own animal.How dare you blame someone else for being responsible when your dog came to their dog. No way in any court is that going to be allowed. You pay for your ignorance. Stop trying to bash the breed for you ignorance. I am a pitbull advocate . This is entirely your own problem.What if the shoe was on the other foot and that dog was loose and your dog attacked that,,you would still be complaining and trying to blame someone else.Stop complaining,maybe you shouldnt have a pet!!!

pit bull owner wrote at 2011-02-28 22:58:27
you are fault not the pit bull or its owner. You should have had your dog on a lease, cause if you did have your dog on a lease then this would not have happened, so therefor the only one to blame is yourself.

smashley jay wrote at 2011-03-19 06:25:24
well apparently you should have had your dog on a leash. you are the one who needs the dog taken away. i have a pitbull and a boston terrier and they are best friends.just because its a dog park doesnt equal you not paying attention to your dog. take ownership. It WASNT the other owners that question was such a joke. thanks for the entertainment

Cloud SKULL wrote at 2011-04-13 18:56:51
Props to everyone that understands dog behavior and is not attacking the pitbull and his owner. I have a pitbull and am an advocate of the breed. My pitt has never attacked another dog any humans, he is the biggest nicest pile of mush in the world.

Coley wrote at 2011-04-18 23:21:53
This irritates me when I read questions like this. I am sorry that happened to your dog, but it is people like you that make other peoples pets look like terrible crime committers because their breed is "pitbull" The Pittbull was minding his own business on a leash while you were the irresponsible one that let your dog run free. The way I see it you and your dog were at fault for the attack. The pittbull did not seek out your dog to attack him, he was violated when yours ran up to him. So dont sit there and act like this was that dogs fault and question how you can get their pet taken away from them. How is it fair, their pet should be removed from them when you clearly were irresponsible.

Hunter wrote at 2011-04-23 04:42:15
Shame on you. This is entirely YOUR fault that this happened. Regardless of the breed of the attacker, YOUR dog was loose, that dog was confined, what probably happened was your little dog challenged the pitty, who was confined by a leash. Dogs have 2 responses to challenge, fight or flight. Being leashed this poor dog had no choice between the two, so he had to fight. YOU should train your dog NOT to approach leashed dogs. And I hope you didn't weasel your way into having that poor dog taken away from his owner, who even IF the dog was an aggressive individual had him ON leash and is in NO way responsible for your dog being rude.

pitl3ullGiRLie wrote at 2011-05-04 18:44:20
I am actually offended of reading your question. My dogs would love to run off leash, but I am responsible and keep them leashed. Then I have to worry about if someone feels they don't have to follow the rules because their dog is "little" and "cute" and my family (which includes 3 pit bulls) has to pay for your mistake.

It would be very helpful for those of us that raise our dogs properly if you would stop making the pit bull the scapegoat for your own actions. Was your dog hyper? Was it excited? Did it walk or run farther away from you than you than it should? What if the tables were turned and the pit bull owner said your dog was unstable and you should be fined or have your dog taken away?

That pit bull your dog ran up to probably saw your dog as a threat with unbalanced energy. Being the loyal and resilient dog it is protected his family when he felt threatened. I do think that pit bull owners (and by all means anyone who owns a dog) need to let their dog know they are in control of situations, but the very core of a pit bull wants his family to be safe and pleased with their actions.

Please be a responsible pet owner and admit your mistakes. It is NOT ok to make someone else's family pet your scapegoat.

PITBULL wrote at 2011-05-10 23:20:27
It sure isn't the pitbulls fault that your dog got loose. All it was doing was defending it's territory just like ANY OTHER BREED of DOG would do!! So your acting a bit ridiculous expecting the police to take the pitbull away or think that the owner should have to pay the vet bills. Yes I feel sorry for your dog, but only because of your lack of good pet ownership!

Kueren Alnem wrote at 2011-05-24 18:45:15
I'm sorry but its your own fault you dog was attacked he shouldn't have been off his leash. Its sad that things like that happen but the other dog was just protecting his owner. Hopefully you've learned from your mistake and something like this won't happen again

unknown123 wrote at 2011-05-31 14:27:27
stab the pitbull in the neck that will make him pay  

pebbles mommy wrote at 2011-06-02 06:40:50
its your own fault. your dog shouldve been leashed. dont blame the pit. you shouldve been smarter about your own dogs well-being. just like 2 poodles. one runs up on one, it will attack.  

Ashley wrote at 2011-07-14 00:37:17

It is completely and entirely your fault.  Every person is responsible for their own dogs.  By letting your dog off of it's leash, you lost control of your animal.  The pitbull was still on it's leash and under control of it's owner.  You should have had enough common sense and courtesy to ask the Pitbull owner how his dog reacted to other dogs.  And even if he said his was dog friendly you ALWAYS introduce strange dogs to each other while both are on a leash and in their owner's control.  If anything, you should be paying him for any damages to his dog or him, either physical, emotional or psychological.  Not to mention the bad reputation you are trying to spread about pitbulls that isn't even true.  

Dahlia wrote at 2011-07-17 20:00:05
I agree I think you were being irresponsible. Your dog should have been on a leash and I think it is ridiculous that you would try to get this dog taken away from its owner because of your carelessness.  

Dog Lover wrote at 2011-07-19 13:44:16
Pitbull's are misunderstood dogs. They are very territorial animals and only attack if they feel they are being attacked. In your case, your dog was let off his/her leash while all the other dogs were on their leash. I don't understand why you would want this dog to be taken away or euthanized, the pitbull did not do anything wrong...In it's eyes it was only defending itself from your dog. It's an unfortunate situation I hope your dog recovers soon.  

J-MAC wrote at 2011-07-22 04:52:38
Sorry it happened but don't blamed the LEASHED dog.  

Kaylee wrote at 2011-07-22 19:31:31
It was completely your fault that your dog got injured, and it's not fair that the Pit Bull or it's owner should have to pay.  It's a common known fact that Pit Bulls are usually dog aggressive, and this Pit Bull's owner had it's dog on a leash, and you didn't.  So the Pit Bull owner was being responsible and you weren't, so in a way, you payed for your mistake.  Sorry about your dog though

Lala12 wrote at 2011-08-02 15:27:31
This is absolutely no ones fault but your own. You should be ashamed of yourself. Your poor dog got injured because YOU were irresponsible. This has NOTHING to do with the other dog, let alone what breed it was. You deserve to pay for everything and you should have to at least apologize to the owner of the pit for YOUR lack of good judgement. I cant even believe this question.  

disabled for life wrote at 2011-08-21 19:40:00
i have had small to large muts most off my 49yrs of life about 14 yrs ago i found a 14 week old pit we my wife and i were saying what are we going to do with this little terry we at the time had never read much of anything ondogs atall we knew from growing up with muts never walk them with out leash love themfeedthem take them to get tereshots afewlikeed no other animals afew did not like small afew bigones etc but apit o no we thougt well are mut maggie told us this pit was hers so we keepher inspit of the bad headlines shewas an angle and so was 2more pits and2 rottie we found betin starved etc anyway when we found are 1st pit we started reading about pit dogs in gen everdog all have there wolf insincts.soyouhave not read up on dogs or your not to smart dogs dont scare me i know just what to expect the isnif your but you snif mine maybe were buds maybe not on lease thatis no laese no trainig not so smart owner not even with my dog ionly wish they were there to protect me from have litte 8lb mut no leash come up behind me rip out the back of myankle bit me afew more times before the owener grabed it and ran off with me never to walk right agianlike guns its allways the idiot in control or lack of control i am sorryfor your dog for haveing you as its leader

Rachel wrote at 2011-09-14 04:28:36
I COMPLETELY agree with this post. Keep your dog on a leash.  

jessica wrote at 2011-10-20 23:44:47
This has to be a joke!!!!!!!!! You let your dog lose and are trying to sue someone for them having their dog chained. What a joke. If you let your dog lose its all on you. If it ran infront of a car and got hit are you gonna sue them, noooo but the PITBULL your quick to kill. Your dog got what was coming to him. sorry

Pit Bul Owner wrote at 2011-11-15 21:03:51
You are a bad owner. You are the reason your dog had to go through (not throw) surgery. If you had put your dog on a leash, none of this would have happened. Pit Bulls are protective just like any other dog. Pit Bulls are no more aggressive than any other dog. The difference between a pit bull's bite and a small dog's bite, is that the Pit Bull was bread to bite and not let go.  It has nothing to do with breed, this has everything to do with the handler. You made the mistake and sadly your dog had to pay. If anyone should have their dog taken away, it is you. You put your dog in danger. You are a horrible human being. You almost killed your dog.  

Heath Quertermous wrote at 2011-11-21 21:50:36
I guess I have a question with a answer.  First, does it matter that the dog that attack your dog was a pitbull?  In my experience any dog that is on it's leash and another dog comes running up to it will do one of two things, it will either try to run away and hide or it will stand it's ground.  The fact that it just happens to be a pitbull means nothing to anyone with any type of since.  So are you trying to run down pitbull's or are you just trying to get the owner of the pitbull to pay you money for your inability to use common since.  Second, here's your answer, the owner of the pitbull doesn't owe you a penny.  You wanted to let your dog off the leash, therefore what happens to your dog is your responsibility.  Maybe, just maybe, if you didn't want anything to happen to your dog, on a trail that you knew had other dogs on it or might have other dogs on it, then your should have used some common since and kept you dog on a leash.  Making others pay because your dumb, isn't right.

scrwbl wrote at 2011-11-25 23:37:53
It's bad enough that this happened, but you're trying to get back to someone who was acting as a responsible dog owner.

And does it matter that it was a pitbull?

You think another dog couldn't have done this?

Stop judging a dog race !

I have 2 Argentine Dogos which have never attacked any dog, but others do try to attack them. My dogs' race has had a temporary ban overhere, which was lifted including the ban on pitbulls.

Clarkie wrote at 2011-12-09 20:40:14
I guess your annoying little dog should have been leashed like the pitbull was, guess lesson learned now eh?

alias wrote at 2011-12-20 13:54:27
my dog got taken up because people called the city and said that it was a danger to just say it is a danger to kids :)

PitbullLover wrote at 2012-02-03 02:24:32
Your dog should not have ran up on the pitbull. Its your fault!

Human for pitbull rights wrote at 2012-02-08 02:13:00
Yeah the only thing you can do is nothing. His dog was on a leash yours was not end of story. This happens to be your fault for not being a protector of your animal why should that family suffer for following leash law.  

Great White wrote at 2012-03-15 11:08:07
if you or your dog have been attacked by a pitbull you deserved it.... they dont just attack for nothing. take a  long hard look at yourself and your dog, you would  have been attacked by any other  dog too!!!

jeremy wrote at 2012-04-15 21:26:47
You cant do anything about the pitbull attacking your dog. your dog wasnt leashed and the pit was. if your dog was leashed and the pitbull ran up and attacked your dog then you would be able to do something. you were not being a responsible owner to let your dog run free, so there for it was your own fault that your dog got attacked by a pitbull. i feel sorry for the dog.and to tell the truth, if you dont keep the dog on the leash then you dont need the dog. smh at people these days trying to turn the blame.  

__lucky22 wrote at 2012-04-16 22:36:42
I agree with the above comment. If you live in a public place it is a law to always have you dog on a leash. The pitbull owner is not responsible for you being irresponsible.

Pit Queen wrote at 2012-04-27 22:42:30
Really there is nothing you can do because your dog was not on a leash the other dog was so therefor it's your fault. It is not the other persons fault nor his dog and probably if it wasn't a pit bull nothing would have been said about it. PPL like you make me sick the way you hate on pit bulls.

megajaco9 wrote at 2012-05-22 18:39:30
that is a good awnser but still their dog had to go thrue surgery and had his tail amputated and got twenty stitches. but the other person is still at fault thew because their dog attacked back

MissM wrote at 2012-08-29 04:37:37
All dogs should be on a leash no matter if your dog is nice or not it a way of controlling your dog from going to areas where you would not like them to go. His dog was on a leash and i am not sure what puerto rico's leashed laws are. But in the states there is a leash law. It's not the Pit's owners fault that the dog got attacked.His dog was on a leash there fore would be abiding by the leash laws. Yours was not. So unfortunately that the fault isn't on the pit's owner. So law enforcement really has no choice on what to do but letting him go.

LoveMyPitBulls wrote at 2012-09-15 20:58:11
so out of your iresponsable act you want a responsable dog owner who had his dog on a leash to get his dog taken away just because you didnt have the sense to know that is a dog park where any other dog NOT just a pitbull could get upset over another dog being lose and getting near them. i feel super bad for your little puppy , but you should of been more responsable about it and keep you animal on a leash because of people like you thousands of animal get put down when is really not their fault.

Eris wrote at 2012-09-17 21:21:38
Also slandering and profiling an animal because of its breed is certainly not an animal rights issue. It is in fact quite the opposite, you are setting back animal rights quite a bit when you throw around words like pit bull attack, especially when it seems you are making unverified claims about the assumed breed of dog. It is unfortunate your dog was hurt, regardless of the breed of dog that did the attack. Please in the future be more careful to keep your dog under control and also to watch what you say when it is hurtful and damaging to a breed of dog the doesn't need Or deserve any more bad press

Dogtown wrote at 2012-09-22 04:49:03
there is nothing you can do, if you try to push the issue it is most likely going to come back on yourself, the owner of the pit was doing exactly as he was suppose to, kept his dog on the leash.  You state your dog was off of the leash so therefore you violated a rule within the dog park and any situation after that fact, the responsibility souly rests apon that dog's owner.  Now the remark about taking the pit away for such an action, I find really discouraging and quite discriminating since it involved a pit bull in general. Now any dog is capable of attacking another animal at any time, that's is their nature, the need to protect and survive is bred into them by us and natural instinct, yes bigger breads of dogs are known to be aggressive due to their size and the common "nightmare" of a big terrifying dog coming to attack you, but smaller breeds are also known to be very aggressive toward other animals as well as people, but due to the less amount of damage they can cause most people over look that fact. When dealing with domesticated animals, all actions that animal takes is the responsibility of that owner, don't blame someone else or someone else's dog for you own mistake that you apparently refuse to take responsibility for. If I was the cop, I would of issued you a ticket and would of told the other owner if he wanted to, to pursue the case in civil court and file a lawsuit against you, for causing stress and anguish apon his dog as well as the owner, wrongful accusations to cause public humiliation and good chance he could sue for discrimination as well against his dog wrote at 2012-10-14 04:36:42
I just have to second this answer. Watch any episode of Cesar Milan dog whisperer. Dogs on leashes are a little more on edge when it comes to being approached by an unleashed dog. The pit bull was probably just defending from whatever way your dog approached him, which, if your ignorance is any sign of how your dog behaves, probably wasn't very dog-etiquette acceptable.  

Nicki wrote at 2012-10-26 05:50:20 want the OTHER dog to get in trouble because you were dumb enough to take YOUR dog off its leash before asking if theirs was friendly?? your the reason why pitbuls are being band, idiots like you dont think, and try to put a bad word in for the breed..thats pathetic, how can you call yourself a dog lover and say this kind of thing..thats just pathetic...

Cobcom wrote at 2013-02-25 02:01:43
YOUR dog should have been on a leash, therefore it is completely your fault. You should have taken better precautions with your dad on trained it better to listen to commands (i.e. telling it not to run away from you). It's not fair in any way to try and get someone else's dog taken away because you didn't probably control yours. How would you feel if someone accused your dog of something ridiculous that was not its fault and had him taken away and killed? This is someone's family pet and they love their dog just as much as you probably love yours. If you truly care about your dogs well being you will take the necessary precautions to keep your dog under control and/or with you at all times (on a leash) if it cannot be controlled when outside. If it had darted into traffic it would not have been the driver's fault who hit him. Keep your dog on a leash to prevent other fights or your dog possible running into traffic and getting hit. Your dog not being on a leash is just irresponsible.  

Brock wrote at 2013-03-19 16:58:28
Its not the onwer of the Pit Bulls fault. His dog is chained for a reason (which is not right) and really its your fault for having your dog off its leash. You should be fined for not protecting your dog. I am sorry for your dog, but you can't put blame on another dog since it was protecting him or herself while leashed.  

aliaS wrote at 2013-05-14 17:42:17
i think you are being dumb you were the one that didnt have your dog on a lesh. its your fault!!!!!

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