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Kat wrote at 2013-05-27 16:19:36
I really don't understand the fault with the place here. They are FERAL cats you should have kept them yourself and not expected them to hold them until an appointment opens up- that's insane! Of COURSE you need an appointment. Would you show up at a doctor's office for a routine surgery and expect to be treated the day you showed up, just cuz you did?! What if people brought in 200 or 500 cats on one day for s/n and they only had ONE vet?! Do you think they could actually spay/neuter that many in ONE day!? That's why there are these things called APPOINTMENTS. Its common sense. Most places also have policies on how the cats are brought in (trap vs. carrier), what's allowed in the trap or carrier (newspaper vs. nothing), how long ago they were allowed to eat- how are you suppose to know any of the rules if you don't call FIRST?! These rules are for the safety of your cat and vet staff.

Why you think one of the FEW spay/neuter clinics should be shut down just because YOU can't follow instructions- is beyond any normal level of reason.  

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