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my sons dog ran off the dog warden caught took it the birmingham dogs home they got in touch with us we went to identify it then was told it came under dangerous dogs and have to wait for the police to decide it 2 yrs old it chipped had its needles is due to be castrated its a placid dog very friendly when you give it food it gently takes it out of you hand will this all go in his favour  we think we are doing the right things but now apprehensive what the out come will be do you have any idea thank you


I really don't know much about UK law as it pertains to dogs.  If there are any animal attorneys in your area you can contact, or any dog groups that know the laws there that might help you, I'd say that would be the next step.  They may know some things to do as your next steps to get him back.

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I can answer questions regarding animals rights from a biblical Christian worldview. If you were to try to place me in a category, you'd probably place me in the 'animal welfare' category rather than say, the 'animal rights' or the more extreme animal activist categories like PETA, ALF, etc. Please know that I am not here to get into debates with anyone, or deal with people wanting an argument. If you want to try to argue with me I am wrong on certain things, don't bother even sending a question. This is not the reason why I am volunteering here. Also, please realize that I am not a bona-fide quotable source for anyone's research papers or projects. I have my beliefs and opinions and have done personal research, but nothing professionally that would make me a good source for such things. I will reject any such requests.


I am a pet owner of several house rabbits. I have done extensive reading and research on the topics of animals in the bible, how they are treated, and biblical stewardship of mankind on the earth.

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