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My neighbor's 12 year old son caught a squirrel and has been keeping it in a small cage. He feeds it and keeps it warm but I don't think a wild squirrel wants or needs to be in a cage. My son and I think the squirrel is going stir crazy because it moves around so erratically in the cage. The other day from our house we could see that they left the squirrel in it's cage outdoors. My son and I were debating actually going into their yard and releasing the squirrel since the neighbor's were not home. My son is almost the same age as the neighbor's kid but they don't really hang out in the same crowd.

I have talked to the dad next door about the squirrel but he doesn't seem to get it. So my question is "what should I do?"

I doubt holding a squirrel is legal. You can check by contacting your state's division of fish and wildlife. They can tell you what wild animals can be taken for pets, if any. Then you can decide whether you want to report him. He would likely just be told to release it and not do it again. What you should do is ultimately your decision.  

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