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Karin wrote at 2014-01-04 17:46:57

Good question, I may be able to answer it better than Tina attempted to.

Morality, to answer your question, lies with humans only. Animals, from those which are domesticated to those that live in the wild, do not have morals, are not set by morals nor are aware that morals even exist. When it's all about the survival of the fittest, or the fight for survival, for mating rights, for dominance in the pecking order, or simply defending itself because of its want to live, morals go out the window.

As such, no, there is no such animal in existence today. All species, all animals more than "sometimes" have immoral intentions when it's their own life, herd, stance on the pecking order or young to protect. In addition to this, I really think you would be really hard-pressed to even find such an animal you're looking for that existed in the past. Nature may have involved the evolution of animals, but it has not changed the way animals think and act that are often deemed irrational by human standards.

You see, when you get an animal that is the most moral/altruistic/friendly

one, they will not survive and their species will not propagate like many such species have over the billions of years Life on Earth have existed.  You can't expect a lion to not eat you simply because you are altruistic or friendly to it. And you can't expect a cow or bull to treat you the same way you treated them. It doesn't work like that in the animal kingdom. It never has and it never will. There is endless competition for food, space and shelter: When you get competition, not everyone is going to get along all hunky-dory. And in order to be able to compete for food, space, shelter and even the right to spread your genetics to the next generation, you have to be willing and able to not be friendly, nice or pleasant to everyone and everything around you. You have to be mean, you have to be willing to fight, to kill, to maim or injure another being to ensure your survival. Because if you don't, you will be the first to go.

No, Nature can be cruel, and often is. Many live too sheltered a life to see this first-hand.

Hope this answered your question.

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