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Dear Tina,

If morality is simply about helping or hurting, which herbivorous animal do you think is the most moral/altruistic/friendly one? Which one has no intentions of hurting others and will only rarely hurt others in order to help them (like a doctor who cuts people open to operate on them)? Or do all species sometimes have immoral intentions?

I doubt if such an animal exists, but if it does, I would really like to know, please help me if you can. If there is no such animal than I will try to find out if other living beings might qualify or if such animals existed in the past.

Thank you in advance for trying to help me find answers to these questions.   

Kind regards,


Hi Rick,

This is a question I have difficulty answering because I'm not a mammal or emotional expert on animals.  What I do know, though, is many herbivores are moral and loving, such as the cow, elephant, horse, gorilla and so many others.  They do not harm for any reason other than fear or cruelty, or perhaps dominance.  But many have gotten close to these animals, in kindness and love and found true friends.

I am not an expert in this field - my expertise lies in animals raised for food - their plight, and about human diet for health.

I suggest you contact Jeffrey Masson or Marc Bekoff - they are truly experts in this field and can give you a much better answer.  

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