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Animal Rights/How to do the least amount of harm possible (in eating)


Karin wrote at 2013-04-05 01:16:17

I have to disagree with your comment that it was a "very helpful" answer.  Tina had really watered down and sugar-coated her answer to the point where she couldn't tell you how it is like it is.  No, your question is not an "extremely difficult" question to answer, it is incredibly easy, so brace yourself.

There is absolutely no way that you can do the "least amount of harm" as possible to anything as plants to as small as viruses and eat, regardless of it's healthy (or Tina's definition of "healthy" eating) or not, unless you want to go back into the wilderness and live like the Aboriginals did over a thousand years and never rely on anything produced through agriculture!!  Even then you're still "harming" organisms, killing for meat, harvesting plants and their berries and nuts for food, etc.

You are also asking a question about being "peaceful" in your body.  Your cells and body is a war-zone in itself, with the various immune cells waging war on any foreign body they can (be it bacteria, virus or parasite), committing suicide to destroy virus or bacteria, sending specific enzymes and chemicals to destroy or do as much harm to these viruses as possible.  You try to kill a bunch of bacteria and viruses on your body every day when you brush your teeth, have a shower to wash your hair and body, wash your hands, wash your clothes, spray Febreeze to get rid of those smelly bacteria in your couch, the list goes on.

With agriculture and your choice of going to a vegan, fruitarian or raw-veggie diet, you're still going to be one of the billions of major contributors to the harm done to the many small animals that are killed with the tillage, pesticide application, planting and harvesting of plants in fields, destruction of natural habitats for the sole purpose of growing food for humans, and for the products that come out of the ground to make agriculture happen, like oil and gas.  A mouse in that field, which got killed by that tractor, killed and ate those beetles and ate some of the plants growing in that field.

There are some scientific belief (and some proof as well that may need more researching) that plants DO have feelings and can feel similar to animals, thus saying that plants can't feel anything may be questionable at best.  

It's not a question of the amount of resources, it's the fact that it just isn't logically possible to be living in such away, no matter what belief is being called into question or not.  One cannot live life without causing harm and having harm come to them.  

One also cannot expect fairness from anyone or anything.  That's like expecting a lion not to eat you simply because you chose not to eat it!

So I would suggest that if you want some REAL answers to your question, study a good bit of Biology and Zoology (the unbiased research, not the biased crap that vegans and pro-animal rights people tend to spread around the Internet) to understand how it really is not possible to live and eat without causing harm to anything, without starving to death and living in nothing but a grass hut.

That's my very frank and honest opinion.


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