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Hi, my name is Gurleen Kaur. I am a 7th grader an am doing a project on animal testing. Could you please answer these questions? Thank You!

1. How would animalís deaths because of research affect the environment? Explain.

2. Is research from animals more important than animalís lives. Why or why not?

3. If animal testing ended, how would people be affected?

4. How are the animals for experimentation found?

5. Do animals survive after they have been tested? Please explain.

6. If an animal does survive research, what will happen to them?

1. Only if the animals being used are threatened or endangered. Otherwise, research doesn't effect the environment at all.
2. People are always more important than animals.
3. Advances in medicine would be hindered and more people would be injured by bad medicines.
4. Many are raised by companies for research.
5. Depends on the kinds of research.
6. It will likely be used in another experiment or euthanized or allowed to live out its life.  

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