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People do not seem to care about the atrocities done to rabbits and the manner in which they are tortured. I saw this on a Tv show, where a man travels to Germany. Rabbits are kept in very tiny cages, where they cannot even move. They are treated with disrespect.
The Angora rabbits are shredded and I do not think they can survive winter.


I am not familiar about rabbit practices in Germany.  It is sad that some animals have short lives because they are destined for food or other products, and I would understand you being from India rabbits may be one of the animals you wouldn't consider as food (I apologize for not knowing if it's just certain animals you don't eat, or all animals).  Personally I can't eat animals I've had as pets.  Different countries and peoples have different animals they don't consider food, consider food, are work animals, wild pests, wild game animals, helper animals, pets, and many places put animals in one or more of these categories.  It can be very hard when someone has an animal as a pet, and sees others in their community eating an animal that's no different from their pet.  Here, where I am, rabbits are considered so many different things depending who you are, and for me as a rabbit owner, it's personally sad when I think about them being hunted, or considered pests, or part of a restaurant menu.

My own personal religious beliefs give me some consolation for all animals.  Their lives are not lived for nothing.  It is not just to suffer and never exist again.  The spirits of the animals return to their creator, God, and He will one day restore them again when He renews the earth.  They will live again and they will never have to worry about death or being killed ever again.  We will get our beloved animals back again.

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I can answer questions regarding animals rights from a biblical Christian worldview. If you were to try to place me in a category, you'd probably place me in the 'animal welfare' category rather than say, the 'animal rights' or the more extreme animal activist categories like PETA, ALF, etc. Please know that I am not here to get into debates with anyone, or deal with people wanting an argument. If you want to try to argue with me I am wrong on certain things, don't bother even sending a question. This is not the reason why I am volunteering here. Also, please realize that I am not a bona-fide quotable source for anyone's research papers or projects. I have my beliefs and opinions and have done personal research, but nothing professionally that would make me a good source for such things. I will reject any such requests.


I am a pet owner of several house rabbits. I have done extensive reading and research on the topics of animals in the bible, how they are treated, and biblical stewardship of mankind on the earth.

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