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Animal Rights/Difference between AR and AW


Hello Tina,

I was wondering if you could tell me the difference between Animal Rights and Animal Welfare and possibly some information on either from your point of view.


Hi Karin -

Tough question, believe it or not... there are tremendous amounts of variations to both of these, but the basics are that animal rights are just that - if they don't they SHOULD have specific rights, similar to us humans that have rights, but limits to being treated kindly, not tortured, killed or enslaved against our will. Specific legal rights, actually.  Written down and followed.

Animal Welfare is the real slippery slope.  The basis is somewhat of an acceptance that animals are going to be enslaved and used - for food, leather, fur, testing, etc.. but welfare asks that they be treated humanely.  I've talked to so many welfarists that state that welfare is the catalyst to awakening others to their plight, such as the bills that are signed into law regularly to eliminate cruel gestation crates, or battery cages for chickens - but I disagree.  I think welfare gives people the green light to continue consuming animals.  Just like Whole Foods display's those pieces of flesh in their cases "Humanely raised" - which is wrong.  

Half the time what people don't see won't hurt them is their motto - the other issue, and the one I have the biggest problem with is slaughter.  They are still hung up by one leg - neck slit, and some get to the scalding tank alive.  

Killing, in any form - from ant to human  - is wrong. There would be much more peace on this planet if we stopped taking what doesn't belong to us in the first place.

Ok - I hope I've answered your question - Didn't mean to ramble.  This is an issue near and dear to my heart.  

Thanks Karin!


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