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Hi Stephen. I really hope you can help me! I have a rodent problem, and am looking for an efficient (yet humane!) way to get rid of them. I love animals, and do not feel good about hurting them. I've lived with this problem for awhile now for that reason, but I can not put up with it any longer! It has reached the point where I no longer feel comfortable in my own home. For some strange reason my bedroom seems to be their favorite haunt, and while I am not afraid of mice per say, it is rather unnerving to hear wild animals rummaging around in the middle of the night when you are trying to sleep! Or to be sitting in the living room watching television and see one scamper across the room!Q I did a little research on-line and tried a few of the alternative remedies suggested (i.e. steel wool and cayenne pepper) but it only worked temporarily. I have also tried leaving a bit of cheese in a certain spot, to deter them from coming into my bedroom. But again, this is only a short term solution. I am very concerned because there is more than one, and I have noticed some baby mice around. I don't want to be overrun by them! I am a very clean person, do not leave dirty dishes, food etc. lying around. So I am not sure what is attracting them. I read that this is a problem for a lot of people during the winter months because mice look for a warm place to stay. Also, in addition to wanting a suggestion as to how to get rid of them humanely I am also wondering if I should be concerned. These are mice (not rats) and are pretty tiny (and even kind of cute) but I am wondering if they could be dangerous. For instance, do they bite? I hope this doesn't sound silly but I worry that they might get into my bed in the middle of the night, and that really creeps me out. My partner is not as sympathetic to the mice, and has said that if I don't find an effective way to get rid of them he won't hesitate to set up those awful snap or glue traps. I can't stand the thought of being responsible for inflicting pain on an innocent defenseless creature, but don't want them running around my house either. Any suggestions Stephen? I would really, really appreciate your help. Thanks a lot!


Your opposition to snap traps makes your request here extremely difficult. It's like asking a surgeon to get rid of cancer but don't use a scalpel to remove the tumor.

First. Seal holes in your home 1/4 inch or larger. Google my name and rodent exclusion for a publication on exclusion. Purchase woodsteam's humane snap traps they have been shown to have a higher and quicker kill rate. Buy at least ly 1 dozen per 500 square feet. Read my publication on controlling mice for how to set the traps. Electric shock traps are more humane but even more expensive.
The problem with mice is whether they are deer nice. If so then Hanta virus is a concern. See the You also need to consider salmonella. Glue boards are not that effective on mice.

Otherwise if you can't trap then use toxicants.

Act quickly and aggressively. This problem. Will not resolve itself.  

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