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Hi, I am a student researching animal rights and I had a few questions. My first question is how did you become an expert on animal rights? What made you want to become an activist for animals? Next, what are some of your thoughts on this problem? Do you think that people are getting educated enough? Lastly, what is your view on animal rights? Like the whole concept?
Thank you for your time and consideration.

1. Reading and engaging the issue.
2. I am not an activist for animals. I think the animal rights protest movement is both anti-environmental and anti-human.
3. read my publications. Google my name. Stephen M. Vantassel
4. NO. because people don't read 't read enough.  

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I can answer questions regarding humane capture and control of wildlife. I can`t answer questions about factory farming, vivisection etc.


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Owned Wildlife Removal Service until sold in 1998. Then I ran Wildlife Damage Control, a consulting company, which was sold in 2004.

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