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Animal Rights/Neighbors Dog & my rights


Jack_Mackle wrote at 2006-07-04 05:11:05
If the problem persist, call your local Animal Control Center and make your complaint to them.  Most likely the pet would be taken from the owner, and only given back if the owner agrees to local and state laws.

Do not wait, Call them before it is too late.


1:  It is obvious the the owner does not care to take proper action of keeping their pet on their property.

2:  Do you want to handle the costly reprecaution of medical bills when the pet does attach.

3:  There are laws on this for your protection.

Other things:

1:  Pets are territorial animals.  They will think that just any open space from their owners house is theres too roam and protect.  

2:  They will bark or attach anybody who apposes as a treat to them, their owner or the territory that they roam on.

There are a lot more to this, the previous answers above does help.  Try to make the dog your freind if you can.

If all else fails, if you are alergic to them, or your just not okay with just trying to cope with it.  Or if you just want piece of mind and rest, again I say call your local Animal Control Center and let them know the issue.

More food for thought, what kind of dog is it.  It is the dangerous type, pitbulls, ect.  

Other laws to look into:

Is there a lease law, or fence law (owners of pets) where your at?

Does their pet have tags?

Protection and safty:

Do you want to try to make the dog your friend?

Do you want to wait and see if the owner does something?

What if the pet is not vacinated properly?

Before you take any other action.  Look into other ways or methods before following it.  Even it it is my post or the ones above or below mine.

True story:

My parents own a nice lovable dog.  It was only about a year ago when the he started to bark like crazy at another dog being loose and running about.  This happened on a daily basis.

After about the second week, my mom called Animal Control and we haven't seen that dog sense.

Could she of attempted to make that dog friends with her or our dog?

No, the two dogs would of attacked each other due to being territorial.

Just food for thought, hope this helps you out in some way.

treb wrote at 2006-07-11 12:31:49
So this person should give the dogs treats and reward it for coming onto their private property? I hope the whole country isnt this spineless.  

neighborhood watchdog wrote at 2008-06-02 20:30:13
Make friends with the dog? No way! You pay the taxes on your property therefor it is your imminent domain and YOU say who/what may or may not trespass! According to the LAW, you have the right to shoot and kill any dog if you FEEL threatened. My advice, get a gun and learn to use it!

Ralph the greatest dog killer wrote at 2008-06-22 05:03:11
Get some hamburger meat from the store and soak it in a solution of 8 oz of water and 2 oz of rat poison.  Drain the water off after 1 hour and with rubber gloves put it into a baggie.  You know the rest.

Sparky wrote at 2009-12-26 07:53:57
Yah know, this bullsheet about "talking to your neighbor" and making "friends" with the dog crap is so much touchy feely bullsheet!

Andy here, isn't helping change the dogs behaviour.....Andy here is changing YOUR behavior! Some help that is. What an a-hole. When a crackhead burglar busts into Andy's house I hope Andy bakes the crackhead a nice pie.

Jack_Mackle wrote at 2010-03-05 08:19:38
Okay, So I accidently misspelled threat as treat.  Give me a freaking break.  I did not meant treat I meant threat.  So I forgot the god forsaking h.  If you actually read it, you would of notice that spelling error.  Instead of going off the chart about me saying treat.

Jack_Mackle wrote at 2010-03-05 08:27:49
So I misspelled threat as treat.  Give me a break you idiots.  If you actually read what I put up for my response.  You would of notice that phrase there did not make sense until you reread it a couple of times and go, ah he meant threat not treat.

D. wrote at 2010-04-27 18:30:00
You people are an evil bunch.   Most dogs are gentle pets and loved members of to your neighbors like adults...Some breeds make wonderful friends...some don't.  Be knowledgeable and discover the difference.  I have electronic containment for my dogs.  I have one neighbor that requested I make it large enough for my dogs to be able to come in her yard so she can interact with them.  They get along great.   Then there is another neighbor,  the dogs have never been in her yard to my knowledge, but if she sees them out without a leash on she is calling animal control.  The dogs are Golden retrievers and as gentle as they come.

FRAnk wrote at 2010-05-08 05:02:29
im in the same situation..but my neighbors have 5 large dogs that dont stay home.mulesting my old cat and dog.after reading this i have decided to put up a new dog resitant fence.ihave five acers. but still will be best dont trust any dog you dont no the history...with your children EVER

dowg owner of 2 wrote at 2010-12-20 10:11:11
Hi whatever you do don't touch the dog. Or offer any food. Don't grab it by the tail or you could seriously hurt it. I own two dogs,why don't you have the neighbour introduce you to the dog? Try to be friendly,instead of moving in and starting trouble. You're new there,and you're calling the police already? What if somebody did it to you? You bought the house,you knew there was a dog there already. Put up a fence and gate protect your property. Not that hard to figure out.

julia wrote at 2011-02-08 02:03:21
i did have a question, but can't find where to post it in this category. i know calling the animal control is my next step. my problem is that i am already friendly with the dog and he comes to my back porch when let out and barks for attention and treats. i have since stopped giving him treats, but i feel bad because he is obviously hungry. they did have an electric fence, but it was broken, and now they just let it roam everywhere! they had complaints before and that's why they got an electric fence. but they are such mean spirited people. i took their dog back home and asked nicely if they would keep it on a leash, i even offered to let them have a long leash that i am not using currently (because my dog is trained). i took their dog back again tonight, and they got really snippy with me. i have been nothing but nice to them. when the dog comes to my back door, i don't give him a treat anymore, and he won't go away, he just stands there and barks his head off and paws at my glass door, which is very loud. i'm very nice to him, but he won't go away, and he keeps peeing on everything. makes my dog go nuts when she goes outside. and if he's out he is very very rough with my dog, she is a lab and very gentle. i don't want to call animal control, because i don't think they'll do anything and then there will be animosity between us. they'll figure it was me that called.

Trisha wrote at 2011-06-05 04:50:41
Same situation that I have is the following; the neighbors dog which is a pitbull around 2 years old is friendly and keeps getting out. It is the 6th time within a month this dog has been to our house. Today, she was sitting on our front door step and came right to our car. I would keep her if I did not have a young daughter. I have made a complaint with the local Police Dept, and animal control is also aware. In addition, my husband and I walked the dog over to the owner and said that this has been the 6th time your dog has been out, the police department has been notified and also animal control. My neighbor who thank goodness is not right next door but the next block over had no response and they are aware of their dog constantly being out. Plain and simple they do not care about the dog who was hit by a car on her 2nd time out. There are only bad owners not dogs. I hope my situation shed some light on yours. Best of luck.  

Sickofyourpooch wrote at 2011-12-05 09:25:17
How lame telling someone to change their busy lives around to cater to an animal when they barely have enough time for their own family...You have issues..There are laws in place..Dog bites don't have to happen at all if simple LAWS are followed. For you to give a laundry list of how SHE can change for her neighbor and the dog knowing that a simple LEASH would solve the real issue angers me beyond belief..The minute a dog acts aggressive, record it. Get it deemed AGGRESSIVE by proof. Then the the next time that dog is off a leash, fines will be given out..Also not everyone loves dogs, many have a fear of dogs, and plenty are ALLERGIC to dogs..So most people can't play kissy kissy with a love pooches thats your biz, but unless you pay this womans property taxes, mortgage, ect..shut your pie hole with your obvious ANIMAL RIGHTS BS attitude..

binky wrote at 2012-07-16 07:07:50
so at this exact moment (1:57a.m.) i'm listening to my neighbor's blanking dog in the street barking. they cruise (three dogs) the neighborhood like they own it...blanking in people's yards, stirring it up with the actual fenced dogs and getting into trash. your answer is ridiculous. pet it, love it and sing it bedtime songs....blank you. you obviously don't have an inconsiderate neighbor with a bad dog. and to the person asking the question...if the situation continues to go downhill, journal everything the dog does on your property, and i mean everything, file complaints everytime, video the behavior if at all possible and if that doesn't get your a hole neighbor to oblige...poison the blanker.  

liem wrote at 2013-02-28 02:48:30
Okay, I have an answer for your dog deal, this will solve your problem. Go to a pet store and buy a dog whistle the kind that humans can't hear. the stay up at night and blow the thing for at least an hour for a week, I did this and they moved away.Evil but lots of fun!

the real thing wrote at 2013-06-24 22:39:24
Yeah so if the dog attacks your child or yourself its just a shame but good thing fido didn't go hungry...jjeeezzz these animal

red wrote at 2013-09-24 00:51:34
I have a friend whose 4 year old son was mauled to death in his own fenced in backyard by two stray pit bulls in the nineties.

I now have a four year old son. I just bought a place on five acres and my only nearby neighbor has two very large pit bulls.

They are very friendly when kept apart but when they get together,

They take on a pack mentality and you can see blood in their eyes. I went to check my well pump today and they got after me.

I hollered for the neighbor pleasant guy he is and he came to get his dogs. Had he not been there I would have been in serious trouble. Had my son been with me and the neighbor was not there, you may have heard a horrible story on the evening news.

These dogs strut around on my property digging holes crapping every where and getting into the trash almost daily, which I could live with but they are capable of killing my son.

I am going to hit them with birdshot next time I see them on my property. I'm not evil, the dog's owner is.

Dog watcher wrote at 2014-07-24 19:06:45
what a long-winded pile of nonsense.  The individual already established there is a problem.  Getting all friendly with a potentially violent dog is playing with fire.  You are not its trainer or its owner.  Tell the neighbor to keep his dogs out of your yard or you'll call animal control every time.  And get a decent fence the neighbor's dog can't breach.

inzombiak wrote at 2015-03-19 01:54:01
I have the same problem to here in FL. The neighbor's dogs comes into my yard and bark and charge at me. I don't understand why one of the most common suggestions is for the victim to install a fence, it is the pet owner's responsibility to control their animal either by leash and/or by containment. Another common suggestion I have read is to befriend the dog. Personally, I don't even want to befriend the rude owner who only gets confrontational and insulting when asked to control her dogs much less befriend aggressive dogs. One neighbor called animal control and now the dog owner is harassing all the neighbors because she got fined (even though she was given the information of who filed the original complaint). When she began antagonizing me I told her that I felt threatened by her dogs, that I am afraid to go into my driveway, get my mail,and I don't like the dogs roaming in my yard. She still allows the dogs to roam free and now they are charging me when I am on my porch not to mention the neighbor is bullying and derogatory to me when I shoo the dogs from my property or call out for her to get her dogs. Today, the dogs charged me again and she started in on me but that wasn't enough later she stood across the street and began yelling insults at me again I called Animal Control but I have to bring them pictures or video of the dogs running loose. Animal Control told me to call the police about her behavior. The police said that they didn't know why Animal Control told me to call them because the police can't do anything about her dogs. I told the police about her harassment and the response was that they can't do anything unless the disturbance is still ongoing when they arrive (if they bother to send someone out) or  if there is a crime in progress. But at least there is a record with the police that the neighbor is harassing me. So, there are not many options for the victim in this type of situation. You can: search local ordinances to determine what violations are being committed, try to talk to the owner about the situation, contact your local animal control and list said violations, take pictures or video, and file a written complaint with animal control.  

fed-up wrote at 2015-09-10 19:50:15
I have the same problem with my neighbor, she has geese, rabbits, dogs, and cats that are constantly over to my place, I have talked to her about them and all she does is laugh so I got myself a squirt gun and filled it with Doe Pee for the dogs cuz they are house animals. I hope she enjoys it!

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