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QUESTION: Fallout 3 has a downloadable creation kit from their website. In this kit you can access all of the objects and items to design your own plugin file. When you have an object loaded in the render window it looks an awful lot like a 3D modeling program, just without the ability to edit said object. My question to you is how would someone go about taking an object file from the creation kit and load it up in blender?

ANSWER: Hey Tony, send me a link to the creation kit, so that I can look at it.  I don't know what format the files are in. A lot of times those files are converted to some kind of packaged file.  They can sometimes be extracted and converted to a format that can be opened in a 3D modelling program, but I'm not sure at the moment.

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QUESTION: Hey it's working so far I just need you to give me a bit of a walk through with step 6 please.

Well these instructions are for unpacking models from the game itself, not the creation kit.  If I am interpreting it correctly, you should use some sort of Unpacker software (the recommended one is "Fallout Mod Manager".  In that program you should be able to to set the path to where your BSA file is located (the BSA file must be the package file with all of the models in it).  Use that Mod Manager to unpack the BSA, and then you should be able to go on to step 7...


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