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QUESTION: When I convert this according to instructions, the final product is huge (7.47G) and saved in NOTEPAD with the Windows Media Player icon on the outside. Do you know of anything that will convert my hour-long documentary from .vpj to .avi? Or any other suggestion?

ANSWER: Hey Marilyn,

I have never used the .vpj format, but I'll tell you that I have to use the .avi format EVERY single day!  I work in Professional sports with digital signage, and on some of our LED displays we have to render everything as uncompressed .avi's...a 45 second loop can be 1gb by itself! Needless to say that .avi's retain a lot of pixel information, but in this day and time, for regular video production, the format is seriously outdated, and there are other formats that can be used with compression, and the quality will still be there at a fraction of the size...I know nothing about the conversion from .vpj to .avi, but if you have an .avi, let's see where we can go from there...

Couple of questions:

1) what software do you have at your disposal?
2) what is the final video supposed to be played on?

Let me know, and I'll see what direction I can send you in.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank you so much for answering my question.

1. All I know is I have created a movie in .vpj (VideoPad j). I can download any software you deem appropriate for converting this software. But I should tell you that I can't find any software that will convert .vpj to .avi. In order to convert it, you have to start with Videopad, as far as I can see. In answer to your question, I have no software at my disposal to convert this file.

2. The final video will be: a) run on a DVD that will play in my sister's player (.avi) and/or that will play in most players. And b) I want to upload it to YouTube.

Yikes! ok...if you can upload the whole darned thing to youtube (not sure if .avi is one of their file formats) then it will recompress the file, then you should be able to download it from your account in the compressed conversion...

Now here is the most hopeful way to do it... Download Adobe Media Encoder, and hope that you can run it in a trial version for a few days:

This is a professional solution, and what I use everyday (which is why I'm not sure about the ability to run it as a trial version).  You can drag the file onto the software window, then change the file type, size, etc. settings that you want to output it as, and then hit the play button, and INSTANT MAGIC!

Here are some links to FREE converters, BUT I CAN NOT SPEAK TO THEIR VALIDITY, because I have never used them:

(I would try that first one listed first...)

Let me know how it goes.



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