QUESTION: Hi Russell,

I recently self published a children's picture book that teaches young children about science through an adventurous story. It is the first book of a series. I am interested in creating a cartoon of the characters in the story and pitching it to several children's networks. How do I begin the process?

Thank you,

ANSWER: Hello Paulette,

Make a presentation bible of the characters and what they do and some bio background about them.
Make up some story episode ides to show how you think the show should be formatted. either get in touch with the head of development at the studio you want to pitch to and make an appointment.
If they like it and want to go further you should get an attorney who is well versed in entertainment law and contracts.
I cannot help you find an attorney or agent. That, you would have to do on your own; or find a friend or relative who may know someone.

Hope this helps.


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QUESTION: Hi Russell,

Thank you for that information. I have two additional questions if you wouldn't mind answering. First, I am not quite sure what a presentation bible is. I would greatly appreciate it if you could explain what this is. My second question is, do you know the contact names of the head of development for any of the children's networks?

Thank you!

Hi Paulette,

Check out this sight:

This may answer some of your questions on doing a pitch bible.

As far as names of people at studios, the best way to find out who the development person is to call the studio and ask. These positions change so much. People I knew at Nickelodeon & Cartoon Network are now at Disney and vice versa. In the video is Heather Kenyon. I worked with her at Cartoon Network and Starz/Film Roman.

Neither of us are at those places now. Animation is almost like migrant farm work. We bounce from studio to studio when there's a gig to be had.

Hope this helps.



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