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I may have changed something in After Effects, and now when I import an animation clip from Bryce and put it in a composition in After Effects, the clip looks very short on the timeline and I can't manipulate it. Is there a way to set things so the clip is stretched more on the timeline?

I'd truly appreciate any help.

There are a couple of things that may have gone awry, so we might have to walk through this, until I know what is going on on your timeline. Know that at the bottom of the timeline there should be a slider with a small mountain and a larger mountain that allow you to zoom the scale of the timeline.  You should be able to zoom in on the timeline, until you can actually see individual frames highlighted or selected as you scroll through...

First, is it a movie file (like a .mov or .avi)? or is it an image sequence (like a .jpg, .tif, .png sequence of still images)?  

If it is an image sequence, when you are importing it, make sure you have that "import sequence" box near the bottom of the import dialogue checked, or it will only import one frame of the sequence.

If it is a movie file, right-click on the movie and check the frame rate in interpret footage.  Make sure it is the frames per second that you desire.

If neither of these is the case, let me know, and we'll go through some further iterations.  Also let me know the versions of the software that you have.



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