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Mr Hickman

First of all, I am not sure are you the right expert in this area but I hope you could assist me someway.

I want to first state that I am not serious into programming, animation or video editing. I am more of an aspiring novelist. Anyways, I have an idea for a cartoon which no one cares (obviously).

But since is sort of in my nature to express my ideas someway somehow, I thought of making my own cartoon out of it just for self entertainment.

But I have no background in serious animation and while I have been complimented for my drawings, I can only draw static figures and even if I can draw well, I don't have a scanner to work with.

So my question is that is there any free (I might give up on this project so buying is not worth it yet) online program that allows me to make cartoons with as much creative freedom (as less limitation in movement and designing as possible)that I can save as videos in my computer?

I found a few but not sure which are the best and I have experienced with "free" downloadable programs that either bring harm to my computer or simply comes with a catch (eg. free video editor for first 30 seconds or need to pay to download the video made. I am not looking for a super pro program just something I can work with even if the graphic isn't as appealing as cartoons nowadays.

Hope you can help me. Sorry for any inconvenience. Appreciate a lot for spending some time to read my unimportant question and thank you in advance if you would response.


PS: If you are asking why not make a novel out of it - I am already working on one novel project and I don't think I can do another without making me sick of writing and editing stories altogether.

Hey Jeff, I'm not familiar with any free 2D cell animation programs, but a free 3D program is Blendr ( ...there is a free program similar to Photoshop called Gimp, but I'm not sure if it has been developed to have an animation timeline like Photoshop has.  Not sure of the website either, but both are safe, and you can find tons of tutorial resources for them online. I hope this helps.



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