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Hello, Viktorija

I love the english version songs of Bubblegum crisis.

My favorite theme is 'say yes', which is available in youtube,
but I'd like the Karaoke version and the english version, but without the background voices/sounds (so just the song)

Do you know where I can download them?


Hello Jake, this is Viktorija K.J. from AllExperts. Sorry it took me so long to reply.

Karaoke versions are hard to find, but I am not sure I completely understood your question. You want the karaoke version (without the singing voice/lyrics) or something else?

Send a follow up question with the answer and in the mean time I'll do research so I can narrow my search when I get your follow up.

Thank you for sending a message to allexperts.
Best wishes

Viktorija K.J.


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