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Anime/If Casshern mated with a human female,can he still do this, even though he did not mate with Leda?


Hi, I have a very interesting question about the character Casshern, form Casshern Sins. I'm interested in knowing if Casshern, can still pro-create children. Like what would happen if he pro-created with a human female, since I looked up the definition of a cyborg,it says they are part human, just with cybernetic enhancements. So my theory is Casshern is part human, otherwise he would not bleed, nor act like a human. I heard he is a robot, but robots don't bleed, Leyuze said that herself. How did Casshern fail to pro-create with Leda, if she got pregnant.

Hello Marcy, this is Viktorija K.J. from

I have to be honest, I didn't watch the anime but I still believe I can answer your question.

In the SF genre cyborgs are robots with human parts. They're more robots than humans.
That genre, when it comes to cyborgs, usually tend (when they merge human and robot parts) to leave the emotional part of humans in robots. Hence the love story. Casshern is a cyborg, not a robot, he does have some human body parts so that's the reason he can bleed. He is not a "complete robot" made out of metal, only enhanced with electronics.

Leda is a robot according to wikipedija and sources. So I believe that's the reason he failed to pro-create with her (because she doesn't have any human parts) If she indeed got pregnant, my guess is that the story makers wanted to give her a human side or she became human in one part of the story.

All in all, it depends on which body part is human in cyborgs. If the correct organs are indeed human, don't see the reason why they couldn't pro-create.

Hope this answered your question.
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