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Annuals/petunia problems


lindy wrote at 2014-04-27 13:22:08
It is exactly as Myrna said:  We have all killed plants and made a lot of mistakes before we got it.  I am a habitual overwaterer, so I bought a water meter.  It has really helped a lot.  Plants LOOK dry to me...and then I stick in the meter and lo behold, it does not need water.  On my own I would have watered it.  You sound like you are doing an awful lot of things right.  It is not easy to have a garden in NYC.  So, good work and keep going.


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Myrna Ellis


I've been gardening for over 30 years. I like flowers and annuals are my favorites, mainly because they bloom all summer and they are a good filler between perennials. Perennials grown too close together are hard to weed, besides annuals give color when the perennial is not in bloom. I am a zone 3 gardener. Through hands on experience I have learned about soil preparation, pests and diseases, and which plants to use for sun or shade. I know the requirements to grow healthy plants from seed and keep them that way. I also know about cold frames, greenhouses and how to create and which plants to use to make an attractive arrangement in planters.


I have been a gardener for over 30 years and I've grown annuals from seed all that time. I started out with cold frames and graduated to my own greenhouse. I have tried almost all of the annuals from the easy ones like petunias,calebdula and marigold to the more difficult like geramiums and impatiens--seed and cuttings.

The above is all the credentials I have. My gardening education has been from trial and error and the hands on experience of growing plants and gardening. I belong to no organizations and the only honors I have had is a yard full of flowers and a large garden full of vegetables.

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