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Chrissie wrote at 2013-10-07 22:46:17
I managed to overwinter my Baby Tut grass last year. I live in Alberta, Canada where our winters are also long & cold. The pond needs to be emptied every Autumn, so I brought my Baby Tut inside, placed it in a sunny eastern window in a large tub of water. I also put my Canna Lily into the tub, which had also been growing well in the pond that summer. The lily sprouted up a good 4' high but it bent & broke under its own weight (still lives though). The Baby Tut survived & thrived I'm happy to report. I'm attempting to do the same routine this winter, although the mother plant (gave me 3 new Tuts)dried out before I got the tub ready. I've just given it a good pruning & I can see some green shoots, so there is still hope yet. Btw, I got the babies by bending a stalk of the plant down so it touched the water, it quickly grew roots & was then planted. The 3 babies are now a good size themselves, so even if the mother dies, I'll hopefully have these 3 to carry on the strain.


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