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Hello! I planted daffodil bulbs in pots and window boxes on my covered balcony in St. Louis, Missouri.  Do I need to water them periodically throughout the winter?  Thank you so much for your answer and time!

You're going to enjoy watching these bulbs sprout and bloom in the spring! Yes, you'll need to water the pots over the winter, especially if the balcony is covered and they won't get rain. All winter the bulbs will be growing roots that will support and feed the growing plants and flowers in the spring. Check the soil once a week and water the pots well if the soil is starting to pull away from the edges of the pots or look dry. If the soil feels wet or moist, however, don't water. Too much moisture is as bad as none at all.

If the soil is frozen you won't have to water, so feeling the surface is a good test. Don't have the pots in a dish or other saucer that collects water - although you'll want to water the soil well when it seems to be getting dry, you don't want the pot to be sitting in water for any length of time. So letting the water run out of the drainage hole is best.

If you have other questions about your containers write again.
all the best,
C.L. Fornari


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