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QUESTION: "Dear Fornari,
What happens if I have rooting wave petunia,  wheter the plant will show poor performance or any problem?

Once the wave petunias have roots you'll want to get them in a small pot with potting soil so that they'll have plenty of room to stretch their roots. With plants what happens in the soil is reflected up above. Once they're in pots you can also start to fertilize. Because these plants produce new flowers at the ends of the new growth, they do best with a fertilizer that has a slightly higher percentage of nitrogen.

Put one plant per pot. Here it's standard for growers to use a pot that's 4" to 6" across. (10 to 15 centimeters)

You'll probably want to pinch off the tips of the first branches when they are about four inches (10 centimeters) long, or once there are a few sets of leaves on the branch. This will create a bushier plant.

I hope that helps!

all the best,

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QUESTION: Dear Fornari,
I mean i want to propagating by cutting wave petunia, whether the plant will show poor performance or any problem?

Sorry that I misunderstood - yes, you can easily propagate wave petunias from cuttings. Just use pieces about 10 to 16 centimeters long, and remove lower leaves. These petunias root pretty quickly in damp vermiculite, clean sand, or seed-starting mix. Once they've rooted and start to grow pinch the top off so that the piece branches.
all the best,


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