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Money plant
Money plant  
Hi , I brought home a small 'Money Plant' 4 days ago . Ever since then it's same , i mean i haven't seen any kind of growth , neither in size of leaves nor the length of branch . I am attaching it's pic also . The pot is small , used my hand in pic for scaling purpose .  There can't be a case of overwatering since i brought this only few days ago and specially the pot has 6 -8 drainage holes , As i water , lot of water just drain out from bottom , which perhaps will not let water clog around roots . I have  few questions :
1 .  Is there anything wrong that it is not growing ?
2.  How often to water it ? I somewhere on internet read that we should water it before soil starts to develop cracks , is that so, then how will roots get air ?  
3.  What's the speed of growth for this plant ?

I had brought a Rose plant also same day , that is growing very  nicely & fast (in terms of flowers), then what's wrong with money plant ?

Nothing is wrong so you can relax and enjoy the different growing pace of the plants you have purchased. Plants are like two are alike! I'm sure you've noticed how different brothers and sisters can be, even when they share the same parents and are raised in the same house. Plants too have different ways of growing and living.

Some plants take some time to adjust to a new environment before they begin to grow - perhaps this is the case with your money plant.

The other thing to remember with plants is that what goes on below the soil surface is reflected up above. This means that if a plant has space and good soil to stretch its roots in the ground or inside the pot this root development is reflected in growth up above. Once a plant in a pot starts getting "root bound" - once the roots become crowded - the top growth slows.

So after you give the money plant a couple of weeks to adjust to new surroundings, if it's still not growing tip it out of the pot and see if the roots seem to be circling around in a crowded sort of way. If this might be the case plant you could transplant it to a larger pot with more potting soil so that it has plenty of "root room" to grow into.  

Water a plant when the soil starts to feel dry on top or shrink from the sides of the pot. Water it very well until water comes out of the bottom holes of the pot, wait a few minutes and then water it again so that the entire root ball gets saturated. After the soil is very moist be sure not to let the pot sit in a saucer of standing water should you have the pot in a dish.  Then wait until the soil is dry before watering again. Plants adapt to being very wet one day and drier the next.

Plant growth rates depend a lot on the season, how much light they have, and how much room there is in the pot to grow new roots.

I hope this helps!


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