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Annuals/portulaca question


Hi, I purchased a one gallon portulaca two days ago. It was nice, several good flowers on it, with foliage cascading down the sides. Time did not permit me to transplant it into the larger vessel which I planned. This morning when I stepped outside my plant looked like it had been cut off. No flowers left. All the cascading foliage was down to about 2 inches, where before they had measured about 5-7 inches. We did have a rain shower yesterday with wind, but I could see no evidence that any of the foliage had been blown off; I only found 2 small pieces on the steps. It was like I was looking at a different plant than I bought! I've never had insect problems with moss roses; that's one reason I love them so. Do you have any ideas at all what could have happened? As I said, I searched all around and found no pieces of it that had been blown off. It is a real puzzlement. Thanks in advance.

Do you have rabbits in your neighborhood?

This sounds like a classic case of Peter Rabbit.  When there's not enough vegetables, bunnies binge on the flowering plants.

Portulaca is delicious, by the way.  You've heard of people eating Purslane?  This is a delicacy here in New York.  Salad mavens are always looking for produce in the park. The Latin name for Purslane is Portulaca oleracea.  So although you may be growing Portulaca for their sun-worshiping flowers, you can also put salad dressing croutons on them and stand by a tomato plant eating them for lunch.

I am not there in the dark, but if I had to guess, I would say it's Peter.  Get a cat.



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