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Hi, I realize day lilies aren't annuals, but I sent a question to AllExperts over a week ago and the person never answered. It has to be a pretty easy one to answer. I need help ASAP, and can't find my answer in books. If you can help me I'll be forever in your debt! (BTW, I am a volunteer and always answer my questions, even if I have to do research). OK, well my son gave me a lovely daylily for Mother's Day. I planted it, it had 3 stalks with flowers. Planted in a proper place with drainage and good sun. However, about a week later something started eating it, apparently, and leaving the stalks lying on their sides! Gophers? Moles? I've never had that problem before. I know I can always return them to Lowe's and get a replacement, but the same thing will happen. Two days ago I found my third and last stalk lying on the ground detached from the root, bulb or whatever lilies have. I am infuriated and very disappointed. When he comes to visit what will I tell him? ALSO, I took all the stalks that were on the ground and put them in water as if rooting them. Not sure if that was the thing to do, but they are staying green so far. You have helped me in the past and I will be so grateful for any help you can offer. Thank you a million times over.

Try this:

Surround your plants with garlic cloves, dryer sheets and mothballs until you figure out what is eating them.

And figure out what is devouring them.  A motion triggered camera would be perfect.

Good luck.


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