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Calla lily
Calla lily  
QUESTION: I have this Yellow Lily  flowers and they started to bend down I don't know how much water they need and I really want to plant these outside,any advice?  Thank you.

ANSWER: Since the photo is dark I can't see how large the pot is, but I suspect that this plant may need to go into a larger pot for the summer. That way there will be enough room for some more soil that holds water and allows the roots and the rest of the plant to grow.  When you water this plant soak the entire root ball well. Calla lilies like consistent moisture - don't keep it swampy wet but don't let the plant get too dry either. Indoors water every few days - outside you might have to water more frequently depending on the temperatures where you live.

If you live where the temperatures aren't much above the mid-80's F in the summer you can put this plant in full sun, but move it into that sun gradually - put it in mostly shade when you first put the pot outside, and then move it into more and more sun over a couple of weeks. If you live where it's really hot grow this plant where it will get morning sun but afternoon shade. Feed regularly (after watering well - never fertilize a thirsty plant!) according to the directions on the fertilizer you have chosen.


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QUESTION: Thank you so much.  I have another quick question about strawberries. There's some growing on my backyard but I noticed some ants starting eating the fruit. Is there any solution for this. Thanks again

The best treatment for ants around strawberry plants and fruit is diatomaceous earth. You can get it at most garden centers. It is an organic dust (don't breath it on a windy day!) and you'd scatter it around the plants and even over the leaves and fruit. Don't water after scattering, however, as the water makes it much less effective.


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