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Tammy in Richmond VA wrote at 2008-07-26 02:51:53
I also, pull mine or cut the the bottom of the stalk after they start going to seed.  The reason, their are so many more new one's coming up from seed that it allows the sun to get to them, so you have a longer blooming season.  Hope this helps.

NATURALLY RAW wrote at 2014-12-20 04:07:25
I love the four o'clock! I am in florida and have grown these cuties for several years now. Started with just one here and there. Now my fence line is four feet deep full of four o'clock.they grow over my head in summer. I grow them all year. When they are small I cut them to just a few inches tall. I do this two or three times. This seems to make the stalk thicker in circumference, aiding in self support. I water by hose hand held once,a day in spring and summer, then scale back in fall and only once a week in winter. Once they are about a foot tall I pinch off two of the bigger leafs that are directly across from one another, this seems to really allow them to busch out and be sturdy. I.  I'll also pinch off the dead bloom and seeds if still there. I sprinkle some epsons salt once,or twice a month. Very pretty thick and a wood   range of colors. Easy and pretty


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