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Sophie White wrote at 2013-02-03 21:52:02
You're lucky, because i can tell that even if you don't quite want to stop yet, you know what you're doing isn't right for you. I, luckily was one of those people too, a few years ago when i was 16 i was dealing with things well beyond my maturity level and i did the same thing, i stopped eating to take control of my life and how i felt. This went on for about three years (still not totally over it now). Even these days i count calories, carbs, fat content, sugar content and won't eat anything That says any of these contents are high. If i get takeout i have to have barely eating anything that day if i've eaten at all. But at least now i'm a healthy weight, what you have IS an eating disorder, there's no question about it and you need to stop doing it! The counting calories etc... isn't a problem as long as you're doing it for three solid meals a day!

I stopped eating so much that when i came to uni and started eating more carbs i grew and my whole body shape changed, i hadn't grown in three years so i'd actually been stunting my growth and i look back at photo's of myself then and i think "How Was i even alive?" i was half a stone underweight, my ribs and hip bones were poking out, my face was gaunt it was baaaaad. You don't want to have that happen to you hun.

You need to sort this now because if you get too thin the health effects could be severe.

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I can answer several different types of questions about eating disorders, and how to deal with them. I can help figure out how to determine whether an individual needs professional help; how to choose what type of treatment may be most effective (i.e. therapist, nutritionist, psychiatrist or combination). I can give information about what a person can do to avoid relapse which would include an explanation regarding how to identify and avoid triggers and give ideas about where to get help in person and online. I can also give advice to concerned family members or friends. Perhaps most importantly, I can help increase self-understanding and acceptance.


I have been in private practice for seven years. My specialty is working with individuals struggling with eating disorders and/or body image issues. I work with individuals, couples, and families.

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