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I am 13 years old and I dance around 18 hrs a week. I try not to eat more than 1000 cal. A day, and when I go over that amount I feel really upset. I do eat breakfast, but no more than portion sizes and it's always a healthy one. I am 5 4 and 95 lbs. I don't like to eat that much because then I will feel sick. I don't feel thin, especially my stomach. All my friends say that I might be or become anorexic. I don't listen to them. Please help me.

The amount you are active would require more calories than you are giving your body.  Part of the definition of an eating disorder is that the person doesn't consume enough calories required by their body for their activity level.  Also, the fear you describe of gaining weight is another sign.  You'd be wise to consult a nutritionist who has experience working with athletes and understands the balance an athlete has to strike between leanness and consuming enough calories to fuel their bodies.  At your age, the more you deprive your body and the longer you do it will result in more damage and difficulty getting better.  

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I can answer questions specifically geared towards athletes and their eating issues. I would be able to assist parents or coaches with questions or concerns about disordered eating practices often found in the exercise and sports settings. I also have experience in training and conditioning so I am in a position to discus how the two interrelate.


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