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Hey! I'm Em and i dealt with a bout of anorexia from June 2010 to last August. During the last year I started eating more than under 700-1000 calories a day, (up to 1300-1400 at the mossst) but started packing on the pounds; so i stayed at this level but had 'binges' up to 2000 on some days because i was so hungry but the I would restrict other days and it was a restrict binge cycle. I also went through periods exercising alot during that time eating 1200 calories a day. The lowest my BMI ever was was at 16 and i got it up to normal by eating 1200 calories but i was hungry all the time and slowly gaining weight.... The last few months i've gone from eating 1700-2600 calories a day in order to try to recover and FINALLY regained my period yesterday after not having it for 2.5. I got to a BMI of 21 which is a little high for me, because my metabolism was so supressed i gained fast. Do you think its okay if I lower my intake to hunger cues now? i am just worried i could do too much damage after reading websites saying teens HAVE to recover on 3000+ calories a day to repair organs, but the thing is my metabolism was so slow i gained weight pretty quickly...
also I would like to start exercising again to tone up, maybe lift weights, do you think its safe to do that now, as in my body would be healthy enough?
thanks for the advice!!

Em- It's important to make sure your recovery in on the right track before making too many adjustments.  When it comes to ED revocery, nothing good happens fast.  I'd make sure to talk to your doctor to make sure your recovery is going well and that it is safe for you to exercise based on your blood tests and other labs.  The fact that you ae concerned already about your "tone" may indicate that you are still dealing wth appearance issues so make sure you have a long enough track record of work woth your counselor as well.  it sounds like you're on the right path though.  

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