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Okay, I am 14 years old. I first had my period when I was 12 and yes, it has always been just a little irregular in these early years. I sometimes skipped a month or maybe two. I was 5'1 and 131 Ibs, a little overweight, and so I decided to maybe diet a little and exercise some. I only lost 6 or 7 pounds through it and I have simply been maintaining that same 125 weight because ever since I started it, I have not had my period. I heard this is a sign of not eating right, too much excessive, or anorexia. I am really scared. I don't know what is wrong with me. Can you please tell me if this is normal? The most I've had in these past 5 months has been a little splotch of bleeding every once in a great while. It was only 5 Ibs and I wish I could lose more, but my friends tell me my dieting was a little obsessive and they thought I was going to become anorexic. So you think my change in eating patterns has anything to do with my irregularity? Is it safe to keep losing?

As you know, it may take some time for your period to become more regular, even up to age 20 or so.  Many girls go on birth control to help regulate their periods whether they are sexually active or not.  It's something to  discuss with your family doctor and parents.  Second, a woman's period is basically a sign from your body that you are reaching sexual maturation, that is, your body is becomming able to conceive a pregnancy and you are able to carry a developing baby.  One way your body determines this is by your body fat percentage.  Your body will only allow you to become pregnant if it feels that you have enough body fat to support the energy needs of a developing baby in your tummy.  Some women will lose their period when their body fat dips very very low.  Their body decides that it may be in starvation conditions (not something ideal for a pregnancy to be going on).  Their cycle of releasing an egg for fertilization is sort of put on hold.  There are other women who have enough body fat for a pregnancy to occur, but a small amount of stress (emotional stress or just taking up an exercise program) can cause their menstrual cycle to chnge or stop.  In some cases even the loss of a few pounds can signal the body that food may not be available and that it might not be a good time to conceive a pregnancy.  This may be what is going on.  Listen and learn the cycle and rhythm your body wants to be in and over time you'll be able to predict what's going in with your cycle.  

You should talk to your parents or a trusted adult and see what they say too.  A trip to your school nurse or family doctor is recommended to make sure it's nothing more serious, especially if there is any chance you could be pregnant (sexual activity means there is a chance you are pregnant so see your doctor if you could be pregnant).

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