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Hello and thank you for making yourself available. I am now 20. When I was 16 I lost 60 in two months, give or take, pounds with extreme dieting and excersize ( 180 lb to 120 lb, i am 5, 7 and i havnt grown any more since then). Ive never been to any kind of therapist or diagnosed with any kind of eating disorder ( although all 4 of my sisters whent through extensive therapy or institutionalization for it)so idk if my question is appropriate for this area but if you don't mind maybe you have some advice anyways. Since my weight loss with much difficulty I eventually began eating more then I had been and doing weight workouts besides for cardio and I now weigh 135. However I am extremely ungappy with my body and I hate to be shirtless and it is really frustrating my wife ( im recently married) i want to be more comfortable and I really want to lose maybe 7 pounds( in which case I wont need to feel comfortable)  but I don't want to scare her by being so extreme like I was before. Any advice? I apologize for being a little vague

HI Charles,

I think this got sent to me twice. Just in case you don't get my response from the first one, here you go:

Hi Charles,

First of all, you do not need to lose weight. You didn't tell me your build, but 135 is slightly underweight for someone with a small build and very underweight for someone with a medium or large build.

You didn't say what you were eating, but if you have concerns with your weight, the first place we need to look is at what you're eating. The first place I would go is to the USDA's website: Enter your goal weight, age, height, etc. and it will tell you what you should be eating. Keep in mind that if you still are trying to lose a few pounds, you should aim to lose no more than 1-2 pounds per week to stay healthy and avoid having your metabolism slow down.

Instead of losing weight, you might be better off focusing on building muscle. Let me know if you'd like resources for that or if you have any other questions.

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