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Hi, im 15 5'5 and weigh 84 pounds. I dont know if i have an eating disorder but i dont kniw symptoms either. For about a month i havent been hungry anymore. I mean i get hungry and i go get something to eat but in one bite its like i magically get full. I hear my stomach growl alot but i dont feel hungry so i dont eat. In a week ive dropped from 95 to 84 pounds and im starting to freak out. When i looked it up online all it said was im starving myself and my body is in "survival mode" but im eating im not starving myself i just dont eat all my food maybe not even half. Im just always full
please help me.. I dont know what this is...

brooke- if you have been withholding food for some time now or eating much less, the stomach and digestive system will feel bloated or full soon after taking just a few bites.  This is because the digestive system has changed how much time it takes to pass food through.  This could be the case for you.  I would recommend that you see your family doctor to make sure nothing is wrong, medically speaking.  If you really aren't trying to lose weight, then there must be a medical reason for your eating less and weight loss.  Your current body weight is alarmingly low.

If there is something going on psychologically, that may explain your eating habits.  Often an eating disorder is accompanied by stress at home or school, past or current abuse (sexual or physical), depression, or even a highly demanding life that requires perfectionism in school, sports, at home, etc.  If any of these sound like they may apply to you (be honest), it could be part of an eating disorder.

Again, your family doctor, a trusted coach or teacher or student health at school is a great place to start.

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