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Hi I am 34yo 5/8 110lbs  I have always been skinny I always try to eat healthy
A close friend of mine thinks I need to gain weight that I am too skinny  but I also think she needs to lose weight. Our body's are like cheese and chalk really we are the same age and height but she weighs around
250lbs. And I have always thought I was healthier than she was but now I'm starting to wonder.
Last summer we went to Las Vegas together on vacation we done lots of waking round sight seeing together
And I was worried because it was very hot that she wouldn't cope with the heat or walking but it was me who didn't fair so we'll I couldn't believe how she was so much stronger than me she just kept going all day my body just couldn't cope I had to ask her to stop and rest all the time because I would start to feel so weak in my legs and light headed. I kept asking myself how does someone who is overweight  able to keep going way longer than myself. it wasn't that I was having a bad day this was the same every day I just couldn't keep up with her no mater how hard i tried. The two of us have always been very competitive at work or play so I pushed my self to try and keep up with her for as long as I could but to have to ask her to keep stoping really hurt.  it's not like she is fit and works out her arms are big and soft  but she is still very strong I have some muscle tone but once again how come she is so much stronger than me?  It's hard to hear from someone who is overweight tell you  that you are just too skinny. I told her one night after our long day of walking I can't believe how much more energy you have than me her answer was that she thought she would have more than me  because I am just too skinny your body has no fat reserves stored for energy like I do and that She wasn't even pushing herself walking like I was yes I felt tied she said but I still had energy left at the end of the day, but I could tell that you just had nothing left in your body that's why you looked so weak and beat I'm sorry but you are just way to skinny .  So this has hurt me a bit is what she said true ? Is it normal that somebody overweight could be so much stronger and fitter than someone who is skinny or even underweight?

When I worked in college football, we had a coach who weighed around 400 lbs.  I was a competitive/weekend cyclist and he was just fat.  We would work out on stair climbers together over our lunch hour and he would match me step for step for an hour!  I don't know how he did it.  My point is this, you can't go by appearance to determine whether or not someone should be able to exercise or have energy.  If you don't have fuel to burn (food calories) you won't have energy...period.  A Porshe with an empty gas tank won't go as far and as fast as a Ford Pickup with a full one.  I've been to Vegas in July, it was 115 degrees!  It could have been hydration levels, sleep, food, any nimber of things that made the difference.

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I can answer questions specifically geared towards athletes and their eating issues. I would be able to assist parents or coaches with questions or concerns about disordered eating practices often found in the exercise and sports settings. I also have experience in training and conditioning so I am in a position to discus how the two interrelate.


I have a bachelor's degree in sports medicine and master's degrees in sport psychology and clinical counseling. I have done counseling with individuals, couples, and families, with specialization in athletes. Past clients have included triathletes, dancers, college cyclists, and Pro Tour cyclists.

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