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dear jeanne
i'm a 17 years old girl who has suffered from anorexia for 2 years.
today i got my periods back !! i'm very excited for that! still i am a bit worried : my lowest weight was 39.5 kg and now i am 46 kg and 154 cm . the problemm is that i am all flabby and my  body fat pencentage is 25 . i don't know if i'm totally recovered and i want to lose weight and stop eating 2050 calories like i used to do these past months to gain weight because i think i'm fat enough . in fact i was thinking of eating normal again aproximatly 1700 calories and maybe go to the gym to lower my body fat percentage .THE PROBLEM IS that one and a half months ago  i got my periods back and then lost them after cutting down calories + exercising ( i was fasting during ramadan) so i don't know if i should lower my calories intake and start exercising or not! i am glad i am at a healthy weight but my belly is big and my thighs are huge and have saddel bags on them. i feel like all the weight i put on is pure fat without a single kg of muscle. this a nightmare: i don't want to lose weight but i also want to lose the fat .PLEASE TELL ME WHAT TO DO !

Hi, Hanane,

I've spoken with you several times before --
The only thing you need to do is to start exercizing!  Cuting calories at this time just throws you back into the eating disorder -- and you know that!

Let me know how you do -- I'm thrilled you got your period!


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I have been treating eating disorders for over 25 years and I have a doctorate in clinical psychology. I am an expert in anorexia, bulimia and binge eating disorders and in co-occurring disorders as well -- depression, anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder, etc. I was the official eating disorder therapist for the University of Arizona athletic department and love working with girls and women of all ages! 12 years ago I started my own treatment centers in Arizona where we treat adolescents and adults. I love working with people and have been helping people online since 1994. My hearts go out to the people out there who are unable to find help, who aren't sure whether they need help, and who don't have much of an understanding of the terrible consequences, emotionally and physically, that go hand in hand with the eating disorder. I view eating disorders as coping mechanisms that people use when they are under stress. I believe that eating disorders most times have many similarities whether it is anorexia, bulimia, or binge eating. The good news is that people can heal from an eating disorder and learn to create the lives they would like to live.


I have 25 years of experience in treating eating disorders of all kinds. I also do consultations for people who are starting treatment centers.

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