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Christine wrote at 2013-04-23 09:00:34
Laxatives dont work as you think they do. Im guessing that you have this false misunderstanding that they have the same effect of throwing up food, but they dont. What laxatives do is they clean out your imtestines in the form of poop/ watery diarrhea. It doesnt make you loose weight right away. From my umderstanding, you have to abuse them for a while to loose weight, but by that point you may develop lazy bowels. Your body can become so reliant on them that you will need to take them or else you will be comstipated. Also, something else that can happen is you will just poop and cant control it and then have to wear a diaper. Its better to just not toy with it. Im not a medical professional by any means, but I know laxatives are towards the top of more harmful when it comes to eating disorders. I currently take laxatives and honestly, they are addicting. This is my first time and once I finish this box, I dont plan on ever taking them again. They cause BAD dehydration. To the point where I have been waking up at night, not able to hardly breathe because my mouth and throat is so dry. PLEASE, PLEASE, dont use laxatives. I know what Im saying may not mean a lot because when you want something , such as weight loss so badly, the extreams of getting smaller dont seem to matter as much. I can tell you first hand though, that eating healthy anf working out every day actually does get you farther, just stick with it! When I started to take action about my weight I was being very healthy, eating the right amount of calories and working out only about 3 times a week for a hour and in 2 months I lost about 15 pounds. Now, since I have started to starve myself, I have only lost anout 4 pounds in a month and I work out Mon-Fri for two hours of even more intense workouts. Anyone reading this, please dont hurt yourself by starving. You are beautiful no matter what shape or size you are, you just may not feel it. Aldo, if you think you dislike your body now, it gets worse if you decide to walk down the path to an eating disorder. No matter how much weight you lose, you wont ever feel good enough. Not even when your bones begin to show. If you eat healthy and do it the right way, you will feel very rewarded, maybe sometimes discouraged, but overall, rewarded! I hope I helped answer some questions and clear up some confusion! If you have any more quedtions, feel free to email me at  

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I can listen to you and I can definitely relate to you about having an eating disorder. An eating disorder is can be related to many aspects in your life whether it's psychological, stress, media's influence or even biological factors. People with eating disorders tend to be perfectionist (as I try not to be anymore), they have unrealistic expectations of themselves and others. Sometimes I used to lack a sense of identity. You get really confused and, I want to help others who don't know where else to turn to.


I was on the path to destruction. I went through a stage where I was anorexic, then bulimic and then I cut myself. I can definitely relate to people who hurt themselves in order to make themselves feel better or happy. In reality, it's not worth it to make yourself suffer to fit into the idealistic image that society dictates.

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