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Hello Mr. Salier,

I am undergrad college student currently thinking about pursuing Anthropology/Archaeology as major, however I'm not fully understanding certain aspects about pursuing this as a career. I have a few questions that I would be grateful for you to answer.

1)While an undergrad in college what activities can I engage in that's not related to my coursework that could aid me in this profession?

2)What kind of skills and/or abilities would you say a anthropologist should possess?

3) How much time do you put into this profession and can it effect one's personal life?

4) What can I expect to learn upon completing this major?

5)In what ways can I increase my chances of being accepted into a good graduate school while pursuing this career?

Hi Alexus,

take history, economics, metallugy or ceramics, comparative religion, biology, Chemistry, geology, geography (Physical). Physiology or physical anthopology.

Open mindedness and curiosity about the human condition and a willingness to explore and understand the great diversity which human kind represents

I'm not sure I understand #3.  Anthropology vs. Archaeology are very different and have different requirements.

It is not what you can expect to learn upon completing it but in the process of doing so.  The learning continues afterwards as well and I've been in this feild for more then 40 years and I'm still learning.  

Learn to write well and clearly, be able to target you area of interest clearly and get good grades and make good relationships with your profs in your undergrad years.

I hope this helps.


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